FanFic: Heathers 2

I had an idea for the adult Veronica as a State Employee and when people in her office start to die, she is pegged for the killer – and I would have written it with both endings, where she was and where she wasn’t.

Basically, to change one of the characters in my novel, written for the Three Day Novel Contest when it was with Anvil Press, based on a true enough workstory…

3 day novel contest: Going Postal


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Screenplay/Horror: Election Night

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Movie Theatres have always been about the Candy

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MovieWorld: Beetlejuice 2

The Heathers star admitted she can’t believe how big the film has become among fans, revealing she often has to perform lines from the movie. She added, “I hesitate greatly to say this… at airports, going through security, I have … Continue reading


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School Shooting in Canada

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Life is about the watering hole

I was watching Mean Girls and decided to flip through one of my fave textbooks. This made me laugh out loud I used to use calligraphy pens and all kinds of colours to draw doodles and make notes so that … Continue reading

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