Miniseries: 10th Kingdom

It is actually difficult to watch New York as a set piece stories from before 9/11.


The 10th Kingdom was a tv miniseries star chock a block in characters and cameos, set at the height of the repressed memory mental health fad – which are often in lock step with movies. Three Faces of Eve launched the whole multi-personality concept.

The Modern Era’s foundation is deeply rooted in the old, the retold, the referenced and the alluded to illusions and allegories. Folk Tales and the world they inhabit is parallel to ours, all folk tales are cautionary ones to not stray from the path, talk to things that out-naught to talk, not to piss off witches or eat toadstools and mushrooms.


An Evil Queen Witch had transformed the Prince to be Crowned King into a Golden Retriever, he escapes to New York through a magic mirror and brings back unlikely help a Father and Daughter Duo.

Virginia and Tony, a daughter and father follow a Prince Dog through a magic portal to the 1st to 9th kingdoms, where The Brothers Grimm had visited 2000 years before.

With the populace of the 9 kingdoms unaware that the Queen Witch was loose and the prince seemed cooked like a goose, The Trolls tried to capture their Human prey, who, in the company of a wolf dabbled in the arts of the shepardess.

Virgina meets Snow White, while the Wolf tries to man up to be what she needs, Snow White tells her that she can rescue herself and not wait for any prince or pretender,

This is Snow White, the queen, full figured Grand Mother of her nation.

In a show that also featured Ann-Margaret as the 200 years old Cinderella.

The Queen Witch and Virgina in their parallel story, maid mother crone, beauty fertility and wisdom, the ages of women, in those ages of yore and yeomen.


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