TV Review: Caprica (BG reboot prequel series)

Caprica was a prequel series that explained a lot about the unexplained Cylon evolution.

In most science fiction universes, there are many other sentient species.

Curious that the Battlestar Galactica reboot had none, the original series did.



Well, it was vaugely better than the white glowy John they left the Baltar/Caprica 6 inside the head pair left as eternal angels, who also revealed themselves to this inciting character:

caprica-54bb08a9dc96fbattlestar_galactica___twelve_colonies_pins_by_marekmaurizio-d55sf87 Quantum_Mechanix_The_Twelve_Colonies_of_Kobol

Caprica is the best planet of the Colonial Solar System – yeah, they all started off on one planet Kobol a long time ago, and 12 went one way and the 13th another. Myth, religion – look we can make shiny machines to do what is dirty, dangerous and dull!

caprica-featured Caprica-4

The Teenaged Daughter of a Tech Company CEO becomes a religious terrorist and dies in a poorly planned suicide bombing.

Distraught Dad discovers his Daughter was a programming genius and he installs her Avatar into the Cylon Warrior 1.0, triggering the very apocalypse desired by said religion.

battlestar_galactica_tshirt_by_your_command_16__24135_zoom c75f061ee8c6cccc67bc7da3dd5324b9 cylon v cylon Cylon_Models_2_0_by_DivineDesign-1 final-five-cylons_l happy7cylons

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