Writing is for the ear to be seen by the eye

Lezzie Bruce paradise

Books: the one relationship that should never be monogamous.

Lezzie Bruce vaginas

Words within images, images with words

Nina circa 1992

T-Shirts: Offline Memes?

Digital Life

Guys pose with their cars…..

Nina Tryggvason Baby Dyke Photobomb

Babydyke 1986 – The Mullet

going outside

Books contain the wealth of human knowledge and understanding, eh.

Breifing Notes JIBC communication toolbox

words… words are one thing….meaning and understanding them… emotionally and intellectually – to really grok them – requires a cultural literacy – and the more cultures you know, eh?

Nina and The Devil Black Adder and Nina

do you get it? or do I need to explain?

Canada a nation of change

because I am not sure I can, at a point in thought

words fail the language I can speak, in it’s cultural context

Family Sagas Gudrid is my ancestor. Our family sagas reconnected in the late 1970s. Some Erik descendants moved into the house beside ours. So we got along in this generation line LOL

words lack something in mere text

Elvis is King

unsure if they are read as intended

Invisible Visibility Invincible

owing to the frame work and stakeholder contextualized

Kirk says Idle no More

the relative roles and areas of responsibility arising from the social contract of the day, non-partizanly

Wonder Woman Secretary Superhero


Nina and Metropolis

Locationships and showmances?

Hot Money and the Politics of Debt - I've had this book since 1992 I was going to make a board game based on it it's all about Meyer Lanski, Ponzie Schemes and the magical power of Bearer Bonds.

so much depends upon the lens from which one views the world: dimensional or polarized

Nina in classic 3 d glasses Nina polarized 3d glasses

and what one takes away and internalizes from their individual experience of the group

Mercy its the revolution and Im in my barhrobe

know your place and mission?

making a difference

understand the difference between where you want to be and where you have been limited and consigned to be

Nina and Canadian War on Queers

be clear on your message and talking points

Nina it's a disaster

Stay within your expertise when you provide information and demonstrate credentials and professional conduct appropriate to the profession, with constant learning and best practises

Nina Coast Guard Certification Nina and OSH

Mr Harper – I had a house

My parents become home owners when I was in high school. I became a home owner, as a government employee, but some one else lives in the house I put a 40 year roof on, new gutters, double glazed argon … Continue reading

Nina Tryggvason anthropology quote circa 2006

just saying, this is why religion is not about working and playing well together:

Change Margaret Meme

Words: They do not mean how you value load and prejudge them

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