Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

Ninabert and Dilbert

back cover 1 back cover 2 Dilbert discs 1 and 2 Dilbert discs 3 4

This 2 season series is based on the newspaper comic strip.

Scott Adams was the first stipper to put his email address and do a newsletter. He marketed the hell out of the cartoon.

The tv series however was  different thing.

Part of the problem is that the strip is too often like being at work, so it’s not really an escape from that world in a tv cartoon version. a printed comic gets to the zap point in the context of other comics that create a sense of balance of work and life and perspective.

well. not exactly, the comics pages in the newspapers remain too white and too male – not only as most of the artists, but most of the characters.

a big part of why newspapers failed was because they didn’t capitalize on the asset that the comics page was.

the one place people could count on the paper to make them smile instead of the paranoia and stress the rest of the paper induces.

anyway, there were 2 episodes that jumped out at me: – well concepts raised and they are:

Sick building syndrome

sick building syndrome

someone sneezes on the 5th floor and by lunch it’s on the 40th……

hermetically sealed buildings, poor ventilation systems, external pollution, internal pollution of unwashed and overly doused bodies

One spring, when Burns Bog was on fire and the tree sex pollen was everywhere, I actually had a blood sugar spike from not getting enough air and fell off my office chair.

My blood sugar hit 17…..

chronic cubicle syndrome book

chronic cubicle syndrome

anecdotal to documented

The Dilbert Devolution

2013…. still Wally

wally and the motivation fairy

hqdefault 2021.strip 2022.strip 2023.strip

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