Bad Dreams and a Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Nightmare Elms st 3

Jennifer Ruben

Jennifer Rueben

Poised to be The Next Scream Queen, Jennifer Ruben went from Elm Street to other Bad Dreams.

Bad Dreams

This movie did their best to blur the Manson family with Jonestown. They even recreated actual Manson family documentary footage.

This story is of a lone cult member who survived the cult self destruct.

In the flashback, a cop on the scene says

“Jayzuz Chreerist… another goddamn Jonestown.”

I almost walked out of the theatre.

The cult in the movie was only 20 people.

The cult in the movie was set 10 years before Jonestown.

The movie was made in the 1980s, afterwards.

This is not only sloppy, it’s beyond offensive to compare.

but then, there’s that dread logic of the infamous Stalin quote.

one death is a tragedy, a million a statistic.


June 6, 2015: True Horror and Movie Horror history

Helter Skelter was a song by The Beatles

The Manson Family was a personality cult who went on a murder spree, in an attempt to start a demographic war in America, which they would somehow become the leaders of in the aftermath… it was the 1960s; and there was a documentary crew that had been filming them for a hippie documentary prior to and with no clue about the murders, but which offered insights later.

The book Helter Skelter by the LA DA, who famed from the case, was made into a movie that was utterly foolish to the point of making more a mockery of the legal process.


Jonestown, the Religious Cult that Jim Jones founded was a mass suicide of 1,000 people over three locations – the Jonestown itself, then 2 branch offices, one in Guyana and the other in San Francisco.

Godbot Hall of Fame: Jim Jones

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