All the Xena Posts so Far

Xena’s Lucy Lawless attends Sydney’s Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras
Xena's Lucy Lawless attends Sydney's Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras

Xena Warrior Princess was a groundbreaking 1990s show with an obvious lesbian couple as the leads that played to a geek culture and some mainstream appeal from time to time.

from my original blog (update to that blog: I am lesbian divorced several years now)

a season by episode review of when the lesbian storyline began. (the pilot)

Xena and Gabrielle

Xena: Season Two

Xena: Season Three Review

Xena: Season Four

Xena Season Five

Xena Season Six

Lucy Lawless was the first celeb of the internet era and only Elvis Presley had more fan pages.

Yahoo Xena

this link on this blog is all of the Xena Seasons in one big post!

Xena and Gabrielle: From Subtext to Well Duh



Xena fandom


Lucy Lawless and Rene O’Connor  overlapped with Buffy The Vampire Slayer- who was able to have the Willow and Tara storyline.

Nina with Xena fan kit

Xenafied: Understanding Subtext


When Xena did Dickens

Xena’s Musical Episodes

Transgender stories in Ancient Greece and a range of queer characters appeared in the Xena world, including playing subtext as overtext, winking to the fans in the know.

tumblr_nxig0nT87a1u7qhdco10_400 13

Beauty Contests: Xena Edition

Peak controversy was the Xena and Gabby in India episodes.

Xena and Gabby: In Show Fandom

Xena Warrior Princess: Greece to Rome

Oddly, no one realized that the Hercules and Xena world pitted pantheons vs pantheons, and ended in monotheism. Deities hold power in the lands where they have bodies who worship; some lands preferring personified forces, animal spirits or merely energy.

Hercules & Xena: Destroyers of Dieties



XenaVerse: Heroes and Sidekicks

1990s When Lesbian Chic had it’s 15 minutes

suitable for faming xena fan photo 1

There Can Be Only One Hero in a ShowWorld

Lucy Lawless: Fan Tribulations


Raw Recovery ShowVerse: Xena The Warrior Princess

Rebooting Xena the Warrior Princess Movie

Xena Warrior Princess: Just Make The Movie Already!


I could be like Xena. I got a replica sword. not.just.saying…

Gilmore Girls vs Veronica Mars

Xena blooper kits and 10th anniversy set

Lucy, Bats and Bugs

From the Greek Heros to LOTR: New Zealand

Lesbian TV: Lucy Lawless is not a lesbian

Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless

When Faiths Merge

Inter-Faithing Religions The Kraken is actually from Norse Mythology, but was merged with Greek in the Clash of the Titans 1980. in the 1990s, Xena the Warrior Princess valkyried and slayed greek and other gods Kevin Sorbo: From Greek God … Continue reading

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Xena Was Black

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