Star Trekking Across the Universe

In which Star Trek Episode, does Kirk save Spock or Spock saves Kirk? All of them.

He’s Dead Jim, you get his tricorder and I’ll grab his wallet.


Star Trek The Original Series was one of the first shows that had a multi-ethnic cast and every human was from Earth. Not a country, not a region, but The Planet.

The first season was an episodic show – cowboys in space and alternating between cheaper shipboard shows and expensive Planet Side shows.

The second season is where the Federation starts to be important and the Enterprise changes from exploring and meeting new things to the flagship ferrying ambassadors around and universal politics emerges as a theme.

The final season in particular, where we explore the extreme consequences of what it means to survive as a culture or as a peoples.


Spock’s Brain is considered  one of the worst of the episodes, but I think the idea of a person computer managing an entire city – and comparing the body systems to the infrastructure was effective. It certainly allows for a Big Picture view of Population.

The Enterprise Incident and  Day of the Dove have Kirk’s sexiness cross cultural boundaries.

The Empath – being captured and studied became a common Trek theme…

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Sometimes you can’t be subtle in the message

The Mark of Gideon

Live is precious so overpopulate into misery?

The Way to Eden

the perils of belief over reality

The Cloud Minders

Benefiters vs Laborers


Star Trek had been cancelled after the second season and Gene Roddenbury was behind a letter and petition campaign that got the show a third season.

He’d had a time selling the original pilot with a more thoughtful captain, a more satanic looking spock and a woman first officer.

The show was re-tooled to cowboys in space, under a new captain with a Nurse character.

so. perhaps it’s fitting the final episode of the program was a woman scorned from promotion?

Turnabout Intruder


I think in some ways, the show Sliders was often underrated – it’s first 2 seasons were explorations of different ways we could be sometimes dependant on alternative history and sometimes entirely new cultures – until it moved from Vancouver BC Canada to LA where it became a gun bunny show. Ammosexuals.

We come  in peace shoot to kill shoot to kill

Phasers stun kill and vapourize

we come in peace….

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