BuffyVerse: Robin Wood

The boy who shouldn’t have been: the Son of a Slayer


In the Team Angel vs Team Spike debate – everyone agrees Riley was a major mistake – there is one underrated contender for Buffy’s heart: Robin Wood

the last season’s first principal of the new Sunnydale High School, looking for the Vampire who took his mother and then her coat as a trophy:Spike.

he hires Buffy as a school counsellor, but without Giles in the Library, its just not the same… and Dawn…….did she have to last more than an episode arc?


Wounds, they run deep when they are parental, not flesh wounds inflicted by society, although all those nicks and cuts add up.

writer tip: character feels flat? give them a mommy attachment/loss or a daddy abandonment issue that drives their determination to achieve their goal. it’s fun and easy bumper sticker psychology that hits the statistical average (aka the population norm)

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