Star Trek Franchise Images and Memes

tumblr_inline_ndxiy5snQ61rwr6ku 83870b187e2c337be574faccb4b291fc Reginald_Barclay,_2404 Reg_Barclay

Star Trek’s franchises were about Starfleet be all you can be, and Voyager explored those not good enough for starfleet

Harren,_Celes,_Telfer,_and_Janeway_aboard_Delta_Flyer tumblr_inline_nsdqugDNDy1r582r6_500 CBS_VOYAGER_240_IMAGE_CIAN_424322_640x360 y8290atvbp4ukpzxj9pe

All arising from those who thought, why not be all? and end natural variation.

Khan_Noonien_Singh 881827-khan3 tumblr_mhi8vl7Ed21rnw80to6_250 tumblr_m0yw47nJO11qj4b9to2_r1_250

Eminiar_Guards Lenara_Kahn_and_Jadzia_Dax_kiss kira_and_dax_kiss_animated_by_twisted_illusion_666-d33slwy Intendant_kira_and_ezri_mirror_kiss

suffering subtext and The Star Trek Couple

riker-and-troi tumblr_mdbzuvpFZy1qza15oo3_1280

The Star Trek Verse Noteable: 40 years ago today

tumblr_inline_niuxlr5kvh1qbj5a2 stkiss Prime-Directive js272 c245114e438973dac69ebfb7762178eced20f170092d29f3dd1fdee0311a29d4 55057241

Aversion Therapy: Star Trek Style

71154c6bec03c8904e01d3928ccc6ced 0200c56433e56db082e9d5c2ae41f67dfd454518965e4446b24dbc17f582945c tumblr_lz80gkD3Nm1qb7cmlo1_500 photo-36 55695871766292eae90581df4a27-star-wars-vs-star-trek-would-the-empire-win-against-the-federation tinman2-600x458 ST-TNG_Tin_Man EncounterAtFairpoint

living ships, space dwellers

cgi-crystalline-entity 67495af1003d8a653ff31ac7c9361efd 323585 17 Looking1 spirk_music_meme_by_geekgirl3600 spirk_demotivational_5_by_youliedanyway ab4cf4f30844710efcb4e3d659824442 621b961ffa6839c5dcde28fd713a948c 5040119349_e4d7f9289d 2037334905_7e327108f0 475631246

2cc552568344816bafd57cabc053d93a tumblr_ljc3rdO51f1qibpq4o1_500 sex tension kirkspockwallsfs kirk_spock_motivational_nr__12_by_aevylonya-d5euqi7 ffe263894ea4e5293610248864d6edb1fe7ad415_r 47b14610a7cdc753b4d1e3dd46ecf117 4623306-startrek+vs+starwars

Star Trek is Upon Us

29172d555c1bc34b1eb1ba8b83ac12c8 Trek-Wars

insp_expendability st-mot-2 demotivational_star_trek_by_toug23 st-mot-16 Motivational-Posters-star-trek-the-original-series-10517530-994-830 star_trek_demotivational_8_by_colourful_emo star-trek-demotivational5 Strong-and-black-Best-Demotivational-poster Motivational-Posters-star-trek-the-original-series-10517513-684-504 the-shat-3 serious_shat QnggIZE

Star Trek: The Future Is Inclusive

2fa01d9637f311d3442011cbc58306f2 Jadzia-Dax-star-trek-women-10920018-533-731 51LFvRJ35bL lovingthealiennation tumblr_m435nuvMoi1rw9himo1_500 Data-and-Tasha-data-and-tasha-yar-33866740-507-417 Robot+hookers+i+hope+it+comes+in+the+super+lucy+_38d0207a62f93afb78d9f2ee3affd4ee uyq0c fighting-for-science Holodeck2 google_glass_story-660x388 tumblr_kq3n2vZnru1qzf650o1_500 Star_Trek__Driving_Lessons_by_JudiHyuga Pavel_Chekov_Anton_Yelchin Pavel_Chekov,_2268 insp_chekov continuity2 confused_chekov_demotivational_by_whirlwindofemotion

Relatable Characters: The Star Trek Verse

Chekov-600x369 575666f22943094f13c4d3b94532a398 spock-says-idle-no-more kirk-says-idle-no-more forlorn-vorlon EarthFinalConflictS3 EarthFinalConflict_S5_CAN EarthFinalConflict_S2_CAN cop and captain Star Trek alien humans-ancient-aliens-guy hA53212C4

original male-400x261 latest tumblr_mrhokwkeMW1qzkkr1o1_400 Star-Trek-captain-kirk-meme startrek15 spirk_music_meme_by_geekgirl3600 serious_shat redshirt jeff-kennett-has-the-blues-2 ingenuity hF473E76E-296x300 captain_kirk_meme__screaming_by_jackson889-d37152y captain-james-t-kirk-james-kirk-star-trek-parody-abrams-movi-demotivational-poster-1224689973 captain-kirk_o_1105335 Captain-Kirk-what-are-you-doing-to-Spok future-birthplace-of-captain-james-t-kirk bog3u

GeekWorld: Star Trek Fan Series concepts

a-funny-pictures-captain-kirk 173585fc6f2451657b3d164f1f30a094 15479-20110826-Satanic_Hamster 3728d625e8a6545b63738f202bb741fd kirk The Shatner Manoever

Writer Chat: on Manners and Star Trek fandom

3-captain-kirk-and-lady-gaga 88cd4a83bcbd4997cf1f2802de9a5cb5 93b9de7f048bfb105982f581ba9b2481 pic1817066_md Kobayashi Maru for dummies 45012693_400x400 Tasha_Yar_seduces_Data hbo_1118 data7 first-android-experience-4-728

dating robots

Box Sets - TOS - Remastered Release whoopi-goldberg-wizard-world-philly God Needs a Starship God Hates Jedi Jedi Guy Star Wars Hyperspeed Enterprise Warp Pop Culture vs Geek Culture

The_Doctor_sings_on_Qomar_homeworld Holo Doc Holo Doc life TOS1x20h sttng_thineownself Data arm off Ishka Idle No More

non communicative structured thought processes

StarTrekverse: Understanding White Male Priveledge

brutal treatment erase and delete

Star Trekking Mental Health

emotion shapes the text story compulsion Star Trek Next Gen Cast Star Fleet Wesley Projected Adult Wesley Star Trek Next Gen Cast Bing Bang Theory - the bullied catharis go away blogging

SF and subtextual truth Kirk Khaaaaannn Khan_Noonien_Singh,_2267 Kirk says Idle no More

RR Processing: The Star Trek Holodeck

Spock says idle no more Whoopie Trek nichelle-nichols Uhura Gene Roddenbury non communicative erase and delete brutal treatment structured thought processes emotion shapes the text story compulsion jpg Repressed Librarian 6 Repressed Librarian 5 Repressed Librarian 4 Repressed Librarian 3 Repressed Librarian 2 Repressed Librarian 6

The State of Global Disaster Monitoring and Warnings is not yet Star Trek

Repressed Librarian Dax dying inside Kahn leaving touching lingering kiss the kiss working together is torture Dax sees Kahn Lenara Kahn troi sans wig odo puddles scarifice

StarTrekVerse: Who is the Queerest Captain?

Odo alone Odo and Troi written by DC Fontana gene-roddenberry-quote Gene 0ne star-trek-was-an-attempt-to-say-that1 voyager splashdown Voyager borgway Queen Borg Horror

lost of the muse masks the play is the thing nurture nature frustration milk holo voyager

Star Trek Verse: Alt.Life Rights

Barclay and Troi The Dax Conspiracy longing to fulfill potential Belana and self loathing existence is insufficient stranded seven with 3d map one leap of faith Janeway withdraws playmates holodeck Party Favours holodeck recreation perfection perfection purpose accomplished perfection purpose accomplished betrayed Janeway Omega Neelix explains food sensualism

Mindfullness lessons from Star Trek Voyager

Neeliz and Seven seven vs janeway I used to think so dreams are illusions dream mentor can dreams come true George Takei hate quote resistance 09

Star Trek vs Babylon 5: The Russians

resistance 08 resistance 07 resistance 06 resistance 05 resistance 04 resistance 03 resistance 02 resistance 01 shatnervsthegorn shatner shtner 2 isolation times 2

StarTrekVerse: The Ferengi Revolution

creating order not about blaance 60s vegas the conflict Teaching Vulcan concentration big deal Done the scarecrow Q and Q farscape unity 2 Vulcan mind meld farscape unity Geek world 2003 REcovery Trek

Star Trekking Across the Universe

REcovery 7 of 9 Metamorph Tasha Yar Sheldon and spock napkin

Star Trek Characterizations

captain my captain double 7 borg 7 and Janeway Seven-of-nine-as-Borg-seven-of-nine-11538147-303-423

Star Trekking across the Franchise

rom tasha Tasha Yar Odo DS9


Worlds Problems Officially Solved – by Gene Roddenbury decades ago

Who changed it more: Elvis or Captain Kirk?


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