When Children Became a Market Demographic

In the 1950s, The Teenager became a thing in North America. Children were no longer a source of labour and education became a norm for both genders to high school completion. Illiteracy was to become a thing of the past.

Post war America, teenagers could earn money and the idea of discretionary income was born. Doing things for fun and no other reason.

Children began to earn allowances and not only ask for the toys in the sears roebuck catalog or Saturday morning cartoon show commerical sponsors or toys of the shows we watched.

Nina schoolhouse rock 1 red Nina schoolhouse rock 2 blue

School House Rock, with it’s wild range of 1970s G rated for kid did compliment school.  – Television became both the nadir and the zenith, the babysitter.

Sesame Street and PBS put educational value into programs, not just extended commercials – there were a lot of programs to teach children about self esteem and social skills and then there was the ABC AfterSchool Special  the Teen Issue of the Week.

1272f3442749583871fedd5c0b56d158 1354010606

Sid and Marty Kroft, The Banana Splits – HR Pufnstuf… Psychedelics for Kids.

kidsuperpowershazamlogo Power Hour.

Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and Laffolympics and the Pertual Crossover drag racing one. Land of the Lost and Jason of Star Fleet….is that right? Rocket Robin Hood, Johnny Quest…..

800px-g-force_-_group_shot2 SPED_Racrr

Japanimation became Anime – cartoon mouth flaps were never so obvious


HE-Man but not SHE-Woman… she-ra

Where Fetishes come from barbie-vs-he-man

I don’t remember who said it, but if Shakespeare was alive today, he’d be writing commercial jungles. They pay a lot and they stick in your head – and what we get exposed to, shows us the world around and before us and it shapes a lot about us later.

Writing for children is also a way to have perpetual sales, because of the nostalgia impact factor. Writing for children is also the demographic most vulnerable to messages, and their ability to de-code depends on their environment. Parents watching with them to ensure appropriate attachment and understanding of fiction and scripted vs documentary.


Recovery Process Feature DVD: School House Rock

I had the thought to watch these a few weeks ago and I watched disc 1 last night. I wish I had done this 2 years ago. this one alone was amazing to remind me of how much wordage people … Continue reading

tmnt02 Disney_Gargoyles_logo

Heros: Taking it for a team that won’t have them as members.

Monsters turned good guys…humans turned monsters

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