Liberty and Freedom: Viva la Peasants


The BBC’s Musketeers series…. the Emily the Joan of Arc 2.0 vs Spain ‘splained by Munchenhausen by Proxy Da Mother with da magic mushrooms….religion in very sharp relief. Delusions, voices, hallucinations…people disrupting the social order…. excuse me, peasant girls do not get to speak for god, that is for the priests to say and for the king, bestowed by god to keep the order… therefor well you know who disrupted the social order – satan who wanted equality, actually he wanted to rule instead – he clearly knew something about the boss that was known to other angels but not the mortals, eh?

Honestly, this (the religion, not the tv show) story is such a mess:  I have no idea why it took the Ikea catalog to be the first to outprint it.

Other than that well mostly because the masses have read the Ikea one and get a benefit – while it was longer for the masses to get it into their hands, but reading it makes no sense so there must be a missing part that makes it all make sense when you attend the rituals.

turn to the talking point hymnal: Money for nothing and your altar boys for free.


A peasant girl, who believes she is spoken to by God, raises a French movement against Spain.
Peasant Revolts, peasants getting above their station, demanding a life of their own choosing – she’s a victim not a witch – a short detox and the mob disperses – the social order will not be disturbed by peasants who should not be meddling in affairs of the state – the peasants will only go to war, when the state wants them to.

The Return

When Athos is kidnapped and taken back to his estate of Pinon, the Musketeers go in search of him. They find themselves in the middle of a battle against Baron Renard, who is shocked by Athos’ decision to reject his nobility and is determined to seize the land for himself. As the Musketeers train the people of Pinon in combat and defend them against multiple attacks, Athos is forced to confront his past when he encounters an old friend whose life was ruined by his actions years ago.
Okay, now THIS is the episode that the tv show absolutely falls apart and Athos completely subverts the French social order and instantly invents a middle class – appointing a peasant as mayor rather than selling his land and title (and wasn’t his commission in the muskateers because of this? why the 4th guy had to dramatically earn as a champion what he could not afford to by lands as not highborn?)
These muskateers declare loyalty to their king, the head of a system, which they subvert at every turn – blurring the ideas of the English Knight with the French but they mostly act like American cowboys instead of European Fops.
the production values are awesome, the Czech Republic location is creepily appropriate but also the CGI is amazing, seemless to the point that we can no longer trust our photographic record of history, and given the number of hoaxers, scammers and forgers, to create secrets, protect secrets or counterintelligence deflect, we can’t really trust our document history either.
..#(*&#$.. MuchMTVideoMusicPopUp Trivia attention span track!
orphaned with a quest to discover one’s parentage…..

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