TV’s X-Files – the truth is out there

X-files, the awesome tv show, 2 movies and then it jumped the shark into a nuked fridge. Now it’s doing another season… Cancer Man would have been played by an American if they had had any clue how popular and central that character would become.

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Dana Scully was a medical specialist who for no clear reason, was Christian.

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Agent Mulder presented a complex backstory – sister disappeared and he got hit with an unknown chemical agent that causes paranoia, but then, there was a conspiracy.

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X-Files spun off another FBI agent show Millennium and the Lone Gunman…

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USA TV: Before the X-Files, the was Project UFO

I enjoyed the X Files enough to buy the boxed series with the mid series movie and I added the second movie. So. Now.. they are doing a one off season….. Back in the 70s, there was another show more … Continue reading

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TV Review: Ancient X-Files

  From International historical documentary series looking at the enigmas behind well known classical and medieval mysteries. (the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, the Holy Grail, the Phaistos Disk, The Sudarium of Oviedo)   The problem is that the show is rather … Continue reading

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Science Girl TV Shows: needs to be more

Besides “rankin and bass” no other production  company was as fun as Sid and Marty Croft. Nelvanamation in Canada too, eh? From Saturday morning adventures to lunch for the week! Most shows are boy adventurers or male hero/heels (the redeemable … Continue reading

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TV Genre: In and Around The Law

From the PO-lice to the Private Eyes, even Process Servers – but mostly – mostly – it’s Cops and Lawyers. Judges and Government levels of investigations.. into……musical and vampire cops .. and CSI effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia reading

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TV Show Review: Bones

I liked the academic setting and the science forefront and the geek culture of Charlie males. Booth, the lone Alpha Male, is the outsider who slowly steals the Alpha Female Geek out of the environment. So much for confident heterosexuality…. … Continue reading

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Cops n Heros: Procedural Vigilantes

I have totally maxed out on the social law and order procedurals, moreso on the social paranoia they serve – justice works most of the time, or someone outside of the law will backhand it. From mutant heroes (vigilantes really) … Continue reading

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Lezflirt Romances: Detective Style

Detective Love – Remington Steele She is a detective in a man’s business, so she invents a figurehead and what do you know? a man shows up to claim credit. Efram Zimbalist’s daughter didn’t fair well from this tv show … Continue reading

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