Film Geekery: Mighty Movies

When the first moving pictures of a train pulling into a station were shown to audiences in France, many people ran from the theatre for fear of their lives – and there wasn’t even sound.

L'Arroseur Arrosé 2camera

At first, movies were very short clips of everyday life or fancy occasion – painting, photography – newsreels, documentary and – a way to bring theatre and vaudeville – a new format of story telling – the art of editing – visual pacing.

The Great Train Robbery was the iconic western that established the White Hat Good Guys and the Black Hat Bad guys – and the concept of Line of Sight and not crossing the line was born and gave rise to continuity. IT was also the first use of close ups to direct the audience gaze to make sure they noticed details of the story.

EdisonFrankenstein lumi_poster

Inventions and science itself became shown and known to the public via Expos and World Fairs – the modern day roman circus celebration of human triumph. Like the Olympics, but with less inter-nation genocidey one up nationship.

Tesla Energy Quote the-lumiere-brothers-louis-jean-lumiere-auguste-lumiere

nations spawned film industries and propaganda machines.. radio movies tv, leaving the live performed arts to the high brows – well until the advent of the Rock n Roll Concert.

bp-poster CabinetofCaligari_KarlOskarBlase2 Cabinet-Of-Dr.-Caligari- index metropolis fembot Metropolisnew Metropolis_4panel_xxlrg  Odessastepsbaby still-from-the-set-of-the-cabinet-of-dr-caligari-1920 Vintage_Potemkin

Dissolves and Fades – massive crowds and revolution – a baby on the loose

who’s in charge here any way? any one?

apparently, the inmates are in charge


Monsters that haunt our dreams, pervading the pop culture

terror one decade, comedy the next and romance….

often leading back to terror, eh?


A Halloween Screening: Mad Monster Party

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