Space Cowboys




pairing up

I am reliving some childhood memories and re-watching the original Battlestar Galactica series.


Yesterday, I watched the original Star Wars trilogy – the enhanced versions – but the extra effects just fill in the background mostly so they don’t bother me – except that they make the film look like a bizarre scrapbook collage of different quality images.

But I don’t think that Star Wars actually holds up. The scenes are generally overlong and the dialog is so G rated as to be painful and not credible to me that grown up are speaking most of it.

Scruffy looking nerf herder… what the fuck is up with that?


Battlestar Galactica – was originally a movie before it became a TV series.

I remember being astonished when my Uncle Harry said he walked out of the movie. I was amazed at the idea of paying for a show and then not watching it.

Until I did it myself later – Al Pacino’s Carlito’s Way and a Mike and Spike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of short films.

In any event, in the original movie, the Jane Seymour character, Serena was dying of cancer – something not specified in the movie – but I learned from an interview with her when she expressed her surprise at being asked to be on the tv show – her character was of course short lived as Seymour went to make one of my favorite romantic films – Somewhere in Time.

The cancer idea was brought back for the rebooted series with the president but the Serena character never really materialized – although Lucy Lawless’ Brianna was a reporter. so Serena was in the second version in spirit.

The original Battlestar series was a lot more Mormon than I realized at the time -and the rebooted series touched on this with the polygamy in the Caprica prequel series.

Richard Hatch is mormon and Dirk Benedict converted in order to date Marie Osmond as I oddly recall.


Mostly Battlestar is a happy memory of watching tv shows as a family.








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