There Be Lesbians

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In Western Nations, daytime television does all the social issues, the family issues, and they do them ad nauseaum over 5 shows a week. Nighttime programs run 1 episode a week over it’s season/series… run of show.

So on nighttime television – as subtexty as they were and they weren’t at all shy about putting it right in the show – Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle Bard with the Biceps were the first lesbians. Or one of the first on screen couples that made women want to be.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer – witch sidekick Willow Rosenberg. Her crush on boy sidekick Zander, her first romance with Oz, who became a werewolf and left. Then… Tara.

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Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

Queer as Folk – I saw this astonishing UK BBC series one and two at the Pacific Cinematheque – it was European Television at an arthouse screening in Canada. It was mouth dropping. Then came the Americanization, filmed in Canada: … Continue reading

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Queer on Screen

In the Golden Age of movies, the Queers were quietish in the background. In the Subversive Age of movies, the Queers were preyed upon and tended towards self sacrifice to allow the one they lead astray back into the safety … Continue reading

51ZYLRzA6iL._SY355_ buffy_doppelgangland

Queering the Mainstream

I stumbled on another blog that I ended up commenting on. And wanted to bring my part of the discussion here. The topic was balancing living a lesbian life in a mainstream world and not forgetting your queer roots or … Continue reading

l-word Orange

Servants to the Cause

Servants to the Cause was a short lived series that Dykes to Watch Out For creator Alison Bechdel did in the Advocate, fortunately, Gay Comics collected them all.   Having been involved in a queer community paper, I rather enjoyed … Continue reading

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the hour of tv that could save your life

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