The Hobbit: There and Back Again

hobbit book

I have 2 copies of The Hobbit.

One is this gold one that I got from a science fiction book mail order book club and this second set that I got at Costco.


This is the slipcover for the gold book, which is a quality paper printing of the book.

The black box set has a regular hardcover copy with a CD and bonus items!

inside the gold version:

hobbit map

Eagle plate

Hobbit black box

Hobbit map pack

map back

postcards of the original picture plates

postcards of picture plates

The Hobbit

I guess I have my Dad’s paperback that I read and reread so many times as a kid…..

anyway… I still am really disappointed in the new movie

I hope they do a one disc cut back version of the parts of the movie that are the actual book and story.

The Hobbit cd 2 The Hobbit cd

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3 Responses to The Hobbit: There and Back Again

  1. RLB Hartmann says:

    This old ex-English teacher was dismayed to read, in the text above that talks about the recording, this ungrammatical phrase (which seems to have swept the entire English-speaking world via the Net) “made it possible for my wife, Moira, and I to borrow” — with a complete disregard for the standard usage, which should be “made it possible for…..ME….to borrow.” The “and” to include another person has NO bearing on the proper use of the pronoun. Didn’t his teacher, or any teacher alive and working today, ever point this out? Glad I’m not teaching anymore, for such laxity since the main upholders of the English language have all died out and stopped publishing books has made my efforts useless.


    • dykewriter says:

      France and Iceland have official language committees that approve new words and usages

      English is a mongrel dynamic language

      I think it’s funny that people think Dictionaries are authoratative proactively

      rather than realizing they are simply snapshots of past useage


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