Canada: Gibson BC – Home of The Beachcomber


The town of Gibsons British Columbia was the setting for the 1 tv show that non-Canadians can name. It lasted on the air mostly owing to foreign sales. Quaint Canadian, eh! Scruffians and Scallyways.


The plain food fare and plainer talk, meets n greats n eats.

gibsonsmap image_01_chris_marshall

This community is now divided between the Boomers who want it as it was, who will die soon and the younger generations of 30/20s who want to live in their town, but want better than retail/customer service.

It is an interesting thing for towns to compete with Urban centers and for the first time in human history, we have more people in cities than town or rural agriculture.

We need to talk about who does what work and when  it’s dangerous dirty and dull, it needs to be machines. But not in the making decisions. Humans are gonna have to learn to do that for themselves. What kind of world to live in?

Town of Gibsons: Welcome to Gibsons
The Town of Gibsons is a picturesque town on the southern end of the sunshine coast. As a home for artists, entrepreneurs and fishermen, and being nested on …

Gibsons | Destination BC – Official Site

An overview of things to so, sight to see, activities and events in Gibsons, British Columbia, including information about hiking golfing, kayaking, diving, fishing, …


Gibsons approves controversial hotel – Business in Vancouver…/gibsons-approves-controversial-hote…

5 days ago – The controversial project sparked a division in the coastal town that was … Mayor Wayne Rowe said some Gibsons resident were against the development, … Vancouver isn’t the only city in British Columbia where finding an …



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