Double Entendres: Get Thee to a Nunnery

“Get Thee to a Nunnery”

  • a place of withdrawal for women of position
  • a place of escape for women with few option
  • brothels, sacred prostitution, abusive priests

It’s from Shakespeare, the virgin/whore rolled into a one liner.

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Nursing was another profession in which sex workers were pressed into more direct medical services and Florence Nightingale was a decent woman who classed up the practise into a profession. So another Nunblurring line barrier crosses into social service work.

Nuns_on_the_run_poster sally field flying nun hat Sister_Act_2_Back_in_the_Habit_film_poster SISTERACT

I really enjoyed Sister Act, but Sister Act 2 took too long to make the obvious choir, too many dreary backstories and parent issues to resolve/overcome in the school choir.

What the Act 2 needed was more nuns – the singing ones from the first one – but also – to make that a Whoopi movie – it needed to a a 800 year old nun who had been her childhood nemesis and now she get to feel she got the laugh over Dolores who was now apparently a nun.

it could have been a way more powerful moment for the supposed star of the movie and not do a guest appearance to launch starlettes.

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