Gilmore Girls: Pop Up Culture References


It is better to wait for a series to end before you buy it. For one, the last season could ruin the whole show and you may not want it anymore, or the complete box set will be way cooler.

It was a show with geeky girls who lacked social skills learning them from other people around them…

There is a sequel series being done on netflicks…..which is yet another reason to not buy

it’s it wierd, movies were something one saw in the theatre and tv happened when it did


then, like music, movies and tv became something that you could own and program your own viewing schedule…people even re-edit movies and create fan edits which they wrongly think they have ownership (copyright) of, but they don’t….

fanfiction turns to video editing rather than writing stories set in the world.

I blame George Lucas and star wars toys blurring the line of audience and participant




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