Showgirls…..hey… it was only $5

Showgirls VIP box set

I couldn’t resist this. Actually marketed as a bad movie and reduced to $5.

Pin the pasties on the showgirl party game and Gina Gershwin Full Frontal Nude.

excitment passport

so those images are the slipcover – this is the actual box top

showgirls box


main content showgirls


showgirl pasties


showgirl postcards

I am modelling the mask for the pin the pasties game

showgirls party mask

pin the pasties game rules

pin the pasties poster


It was certainly no Robocop in terms of social commentary

but the brutal rape scene makes the movie largely unwatchable

despite the eye candy appeal


but, the last time I watched Gina Gershwin was in Bound, last spring 2012


I had a panic attack because of the violence.

I remember watching the movie, then stepping outside

then I was on the ground. bruised, bleeding and covered in dirt


then I was at the hospital, being left to sit in a chair

when I just needed to lie down


honestly, no one was even using that part of the floor. I still don’t get what the problem was


but at least then


I was put in a room on a bed until they sent me home without properly admitting or examining me.

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