Stopping a Show: Bones

Bones, once it was interesting.

A scientific team does anthropology and crime solving on the side.

Then, the Alpha Male FBI agent demeans the professionals and is a Gun toting Godbot.

He is actually not a credible partner to Dr Temperance Brenan.


So the Alpha Male vs Charlie Males. the Hard vs Soft sciences the emotional people vs the logical and petty inter-departmental bittering? how is that entertaining?


the show had amazing special effects, and some interesting cases, but it has become the Booth show and too many plots are about validating their relationship, the least interesting aspect.

Magnum and Wife in a labratory.. meh. plus, the cases got boring and small.


The other aspect was the sensitive artist who understands Bones, but then walks up to another person and hand him a list on how to be humane by 10 times not being a douche.

Angela turned into the cunt that washes after she married and sprogged.

marrying characters kills the conflict and only Cheers managed to best that plateau.


Season 9.. the show was really over in season 7.

It;s as painful as the final X-Files without Mulder in the original series.

Before the Milennia, Lone Gunman, Movies and the recent update.



jump the shark

nuke the fridge

marry the leads

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