80s Rocksploitation: La Bamba

In the 1940s, The Establishment went Nuclear, and no more would our boys need to go to war, so the teenagers of the 1950s, Lead by the Worlds first Atomic Powered Singer, and under the banner of Elvis Presley was the rock n roll teenage rebellion, the 1960s were the British reaction The Beatles with the Psychedelic Hippie Peacenik wave, the Weed Wave, the 1970s the Me Decade Disoed from the North with ABBA and the South with The Gee Gees. Elvis Presley died in the Disco era, and unto the 1980s, lead by Elvis Presley Enterprises as it’s Wall Street Model, allowed bands like U2 to demand world governments end poverty all the while, sheltering their incomes from taxation that would allow governments to do as demanded and needed.

Elvis iron curtain bootHeartbreak Hotel MovieElvis and Janis front

Elvis Presley was a proud American and he paid the full share and was the highest earning individual, who was and is, his own mini-economy and EPE, is the driver of the legal concepts extending copyright from the professional works to the artist themselves.

Million boot 1Johnny-Hallyday-rock-n-roll-24917412-312-309Hank Snow souvenir program

Leaving the way for product producers like Kanye West to mistake his own every orifice utterings as artistic.

Which, we actually do have to blame us Elvis fans for, we love our humanizing studio banter on the endless outtakes…….but I digress.

The 1980s kicked off with Grease and Saturday Night Fever and peaked mid 1980s with Kevin Bacon in Footloose vs Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing.

Pim Mass and Elvis 3 A hard Day's Night Movie PosterFootloose

The Brat Packer era ended with The Young Guns 1 and 2, when they got to play the Gen X wild west fantasy, and really, Val Kilmer’s Billy the Kid was astonishing.

Lou Phillip Diamond did the rock music biopics when they were teen exploitation and not oscar fodder with La Bamba: the Ritchie Valens story – only it was sold as a rock n roll comedy, so it was with some astonishment that most people in theatres in the 1980s didn’t know they were watching a truish story and not a fictional one, when Buddy Holly showed up.

Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure51jP5sp9+JL._AC_UL320_SR212,320_Teresa's_Tattoo

In Canada, audiences do not talk to the screen or their friends, when laugh as a group and so forth, as an audience of a shared experience so it was Washington to me to have the audience enjoying the show and then “Buddy Holly” and people cried out

OH No. and murmurs of no no No were murburbling from all over the theatre, as if everyone was saying watermelon over over and at differing tones to create the sound of an audience murmur…

that shift of watching a rock n roll romp and then… knowing what is going to happen and seeing it unfolding and helpless, feeling as sick and torn up twisted as we know that small plane is going to be – although, if everyone who was supposed to have been on it was, it would never have gotten off the ground eh.

Go Johnny GoHaireddie-and-the-cruisers-movie-poster-1983-1010196168A70-6503

Anyway – La Bamba – it’s too bad they didn’t have an Eddie Cochrane movie…

It would also be better to have seen a truer version of Ritchie’s life story, because in the La Bamba movie – we didn’t get to see Ritchie be in the movies……


Or getting to be on tv shows…. the 1950s was the start of the documentation and Elvis caught everyone off guard and thinking these were fads and not understanding trends, or that technology would change…… or that artists could age.. the ballad of the teenagers were so life and death because life kinda always is…

trains planes and automobiles all have a way of crashing…. teen angels or teen idols, ageing doesn’t always do an artist well…

The 1980s Eddie and The Cruisers movie had people thinking that was based on a true story, it’s not. It’s based on a work of fiction published as a novel.

the 1980s saw The Sex Pistols and The Clash as established rockers and Billy Idol the pop pin up of punk. 68 Elvis in leather with peroxided hair and a permasneer over an English accent.

hard-to-hold-movie-poster-1984-1020246535 MPW-11366 dirtydancing TommyMoviePoster_HA

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