SuperHero vs Scientists

A SuperHero assumes that physicality solves problems, speed and brawn.

Scientists use brains to solve and resolve, but sometimes, you can overthink or narrowly think and end up being bullied by some physical overachiever….

fantasy-football-geek-jocks-football-dungeons-dragons-demotivational-posters-1296948894Nina and Metropolis

Over on The Love Pirate, there’s a kewl set of posts, examining this issue facing Scientists  (regular or Mad) today – Public Relations and a non-scientifically literate public who are all war or peacetime war: sports.

also, there is an interesting gender difference between male and female scientists that creating a legacy vs creating a community….leaders  vs builders?


Jurassic Park and the Responsibility of Good Scientists

The splashy, psychopathic theory over practice, science in need of professional ethics…


Tony Stark the Mad Scientist – Avengers: Age of Ultron

to the quest of not being alone in person or in the universe, amid social and professional isolation, so that we invented gods to give us a place over the other animals and we can now realize that it’s a matter of projecting externally our internal understanding, abilities dependent on the nature of said nurture and education over experience.

When you understand how to understand, faith is willful ignorance.

Science disciplines explain our world and ourselves better than religion does, and religion offers no social good, only in-group conformity with out group conflict.


Contact, the Lonely Scientist, and the Loneliness within us all


Movies distort perceptions while they also shape and inform them.

Science Fiction is always about our inability to have the wisdom to manage our technology, when it’s applied for political and religious purpose, rather than to leverage through technologies to assist or entertain or just decorate our existence.

Science just is, good is bad is what we make it into and do with it and that is about outcomes and impact.

Theory, to application to industry and commerce, I don’t understand how people can live with obvious manufactured and human invented everything around them and praise invisible and effectively non-existent deities and kill people over who has the best imaginary friend – it’s time we say that theism is administration of psycho- and socio-pathy and is where systemic discrimination is divinely justified.

There is a difference between speaking with authority and being authoritative, and the difference is actual expertise, built from proven foundations of knowledge of data.

Authority demands respect, Authoritative commands it, and respect must be earned and not bestowed, or confused with reverence. Shock and Awe the god of the gaps grows ever smaller, quantum observation-ally inferred derived and 19/20 times confirmed, statistical approaching zero – kindly adjust your  world.

Nina Mad Monster Partyevolution-of-a-cylon-battlestar-galactica-t-shirt-bsg-90ee8

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