Time Team’s Worst Jobs

Tony Robinson played the character Baldrick on Black Adder.

In the Black Adder tv series, the 1st generation Baldrick is a clever peasant who is the smarter servant to the Ignoble second son, The Black Adder. Over the course of the series, both bloodlines eventually move down the social heirarchy, with Black Adder becoming the Smarter Servant of Various Royality while Baldrick is the ever faithful sidekick with his own canniness.

It was funny to learn that a ‘baldrick” is a medieval/middle ages weapon harness. I think there’s a gag in there about wits and weapons, sidearms and sashes and sidekicks in there.

From fiction to non-fiction, Tony Robinson hosted a very interesting program about the life of the every working man, woman and child in The Worst Jobs in History.

I suggest this series to anyone who is feeling bad about the state of their jobs or careers and realize that these horrid jobs were just as hereditary as the top jobs, so at least, there been some progress in employment and worker protections since then.


recently, I’ve been enjoying watching Tony Robinson hosting a program about a group of working archaeologists from Antiquarian Historians, to field work, computer technologies and astronomy, revealing how the sciences develop and interconnect – but mostly also offering an interesting glimpse into the modern work division of diggers vs supervisors and inspector/analysis – Introspection.

But one of the best parts of Time Team are showing the business and governance, the due diligence and practises and the process of discovery, fitting data into larger patterns and understanding the ripple impacts on the larger understanding of the field.


Some of the best episodes are when the team re-do sites that were done 100 years ago and underscoring how technology and time period biases change our understanding of what we are looking at, as well as technology improvements – and the idea of conservation rather than tomb robbing sites – and leaving some history for the future to do a better job than we’ve done.

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