Movie Review: Cloudburst

Cloudburst from Wolf Video – a lesbian movie of sorts.

it’s not a road trip comedy, it’s not a buddy flick, it’s 2 dykes on the run who pick up a hitchhiker and the movie becomes about his character.

cloudburst wolf video_

An elderly couple about to be separated by a nursing home and a granddaughter, go on a road trip to Canada to get married and instead of an expansion of the same plot in If These Walls Could Talk 2, we get a movie about a male dancer who doesn’t like his step dad.

Dancer is frequently naked, but it is the stepdad we get full frontal nude, including being splayed across a windshield. For a lesbian movie, there is too much male nudity.


In the end, there is no pay off, not much comedy, too many driving scenes of the truck against scenery, and too many supportive hetero characters with the exception of the cartoony granddaughter who is too easily resolved.

Chosen Family and slice of life, I suggest Tales of the City.


There were too many small scenes of nice moments that never built into anything and the Preston Hitchhiker was more the main character.

Desert Hearts1carol-postercover-46

This seemed more for straight people than queer people, and this is where the movie really ran out of gas and anything commentary to say.


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