TV Genre: In and Around The Law

From the PO-lice to the Private Eyes, even Process Servers – but mostly – mostly – it’s Cops and Lawyers. Judges and Government levels of investigations.. into……musical and vampire cops .. and


CSI effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The CSI effect, also known as the CSI syndrome and the CSI infection, is any of several ways in which the exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on crime television shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation influences public perception.

forever-knight hill_street_blues la-law-s1  magnum-pi-4db81a8d4b360 Matt Houston Excalibur matthouston Cop-rock McBeal-Name-Plate picket_fences-showthe paper chase

In Defense of Science: Why Scientific Literacy Matters

Frank R. Spellman, ‎Joni Price-Bayer – 2010 – ‎Science

CSI Syndrome Earlier, we pointed out that popular television shows such as the CSI franchise and Forensics Files have spotlighted the importance of using …

The_Six_Million_Dollar_Man bionicwomanmodelkitbionic-woman-poster-001_FULL

the-x-files-poster2  RemingtonSteeleStephanieZimbalistPierceBrosnanLS20thCenturyFoxTelevision_featured_photo_gallery

cagney and lacey Lonegunman 51K6FRieFML

Lezflirt Romances: Detective Style

Detective Love – Remington Steele She is a detective in a man’s business, so she invents a figurehead and what do you know? a man shows up to claim credit. Efram Zimbalist’s daughter didn’t fair well from this tv show … Continue reading


Screenplay: Harvest Killers

WGA # 873784 Harvest Killers A Screenplay By Nina Tryggvason Logline: An international multi-level marketing style conspiracy of murder for black market organ transplants. EXT. CITY STREET. NIGHT. DARYL HAEBLER (26, well dressed) walks nervously down the street. OTHER PEOPLE … Continue reading

Diagnosis Murderx

Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

In the early 1990s, I got a job at a photocopy/printing shop. We did a promotional newsletter with some helpful green office tips about equipment and was basically one big commercial for the shop’s services and was targeted to Law … Continue reading

TV Review: The Closer or The Closet?

Procedural Program- Cops, Lawyers, Fire, Ambulance and Medical – the Blue to White Collar of a “Profession” or as “aspect of an industry” which brings drama, conflict and coping comedy. To reinforce the sense of “just people” on the other … Continue reading


TV Review: Dexter – Serial Killer not the Kid’s Cartoon

Based on a Book series that I have not read, the Blue Sky Law Procedural program features Miami and a Police Department that somehow skipped the Academy and is a Vigilante Fantasy. Kudos on the awesome packaging and products, I … Continue reading

Trench Tale: The Legal Secretary

In my late 20s, I moved away from retail and community non-profits and became the Office Girl Friday – everything from reception/office manager (accounts/pay & receive; marketing) and legal research to document prep and pre-screening clients. The main lawyer of … Continue reading

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