Thar Be Pirates, Ahoy Eh?

The Love Pirate blog has a couple posts.

About Pirates of the Caribbean, the first post is an interesting comparison of franchises in the Sci Fi and/or Fantasy Genre, while the second is a character study that could easily have served as a character bible on set.

You can also enjoy the piratey goodness on this blog!

Recovery Movie Review: Pirate Radio

The UK bashlash to Rock n Roll – European Style. Building on Europagentry, the UK 60’s clothing and sensibility was not as black vs white as in America. Sexual sophisticates – insofar as het man drag and dirty old men … Continue reading

ReligionWatch: Torrenting – Pirates Ahoy

Piracy: Not Even God Himself Can Stop It – TorrentFreak Jul 14, 2013 – In the West these religious ‘laws’ are often in harmony with the rules of land …. 2015 Edition · Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites … Continue reading

ReligionWatch: FSM – USA President Obama is a Pirate

I think this confirms the Obama is a closet Pastafarian debate.   President Obama delivers a colorful farewell as he leaves Jamaica The president left Jamaica Thursday, and he delivered one heck of a farewell before boarding Air Force … Continue reading


Happy Pirate Day 2013

Arg Avast Ye Maties Walk the Plank Keel Haul Polly Want a Cracker? Matey Cackle Rivers

Pirate Corner: Elvis’ Greatest Shit! ~ featurette: The Beach Movies

This is one of the first Elvis Presley bootleg LPs that I bought. They riffed on RCA perfectly in the packaging – from the Rupert Murdoch Coffin Photo Tabloid design to advertising upcoming LPS. Elvis The Shower Sessions, GI … Continue reading


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3 Responses to Thar Be Pirates, Ahoy Eh?

  1. I’m stupid, I don’t get the mystique surrounding pirates. Not now that I’ve done some reading about them.


  2. Or am I missing a large and obvious point?


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