Dear White People: Apu of The Simpsons

The Simpsons tackled Homer’s homophobia in the 90s, but won’t talk about the problems with Apu now

The Simpsons, like Friends, had queer positive content for their eras of television relevance.

if the Simpsons want to be relevant again, it needs to address Apu directly.

it’s already lasted longer than Gunsmoke.

Apu has had several beautiful storylines that represent a lot of cultural importance our Indian immigrants bring to America. We have seen the practice of arranged marriage which actually worked out, the Hindu faith inspiring young Lisa, and many others. If you don’t know an Indian convenience market worker like Apu, then I have no idea where you live! I always was fond of my own Indian shop keepers at the local 7-Eleven and video store growing up. I used to bring small candy necklaces or chocolate coins for the statue of the elephant-like god (Vishnu, Ganesh?) they had on display. I don’t believe Matt Groening has a racist agenda against Indian people. Every racial, religious, and political background gets a jab here or there on the Simpsons.


people not of the demographic being targeted don’t get to say it’s not stereotyping.
stop making white embarrassing

learn to listen to other demographics


Nina, I can appreciate your opinion. As you have guessed, I am not Indian. I grew up around Indian people, and have several close friends of both Indian and Pakistani heritages. As far as I know, none of these people has any concern or offense in Apu. May I ask, however, why you assumed my race?


you confirmed, thus, I did not assume anything.

I deduced correctly you were not of the demographic for whom you presumed to speak based on what you posted.

your friends with some who aren’t bothered is not relevant, at best a too small a sample size and more likely untrue, given prejudiced people claim to be friends with members of a demographic not bothered by outsider stereotypes of themselves.

because that’s so believable.

did you miss the whole documentary and media coverage of controversy?

lazy and thoughtless, and even sloppy writing, pandering to the lowest rather being challenging.

The Simpsons has personified under achiever pride , because the audience got the wrong take away.


You assumed I am white? What about me “seems” white? As someone concerned about stereotypes, I look forward to your reason for that assumption.


your constant attention seeking to belabour the topic that is all about you.

and your assumption that your posts should be replied to

your defense of a white hetero man, as if he’s the only person who contributes to the show and dismissal a real issue of a different demographic from yourself.

also race is an imprecise Victorian word that has no scientific meaning nor social relevance in a post Genome World; and rather marks a user of it as bigoted.

do I need to go on, or do you really need more stereotypes that you embody explained?

and in reality, people from India are Caucasian.


because this is the whitest male thing to say ever:

“Nina, I can appreciate your opinion.

you could, but you don’t and you won’t either.


Thank you for verifying your sexism, racism, and generally negativity. You have proven yourself absolutely obsessed with me, much more so than you believe I am with myself. I find it rather flattering, but don’t associate myself with sexist, racist bigots determined to poison our conversation. I wish you all the best, and pray you find the joy of the Lord one day. Until then, I leave you to swaddle yourself in yourself.


plus your expected reply to an answer you asked for

Watch Hank Azaria Address Apu Controversy on ‘Colbert’ – Rolling Stone

As for his own opinion on the future of Apu, Azaria said, “I think the most important thing is we have to listen to the south Asian people, the Indian people in this country when they talk about what they feel and what they think of this character, and what their American experience of it has been… In television terms, listening to voices means inclusion in the writers’ room. I really want to see south Asian writers in the room, not in a token way, but genuinely informing whatever new direction this character may take, including how it is voiced or not voiced. I’m perfectly happy to step aside or help transition it into something new.”

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