Krod Mangoon’s Truth Sword

A medieval band of rebels in leather and chain oppose the Social Order and the social conventions of any and all times, eh

The High Nobility at the the centre of power, Delegate to Regional Controls to manage the Provinces, districts, regions, cities and townships…

Against the forces of who has the most forces, or technology or magic to control or influence the masses…..Cyclops hot-tubbing it inter-species with humans and trolls…

Krod Mangoon, the sword of destiny balances leading a revolution and trying to have a relationship.

A Troll, a Wizard, a Warrior and a Twinkie, Pagan Priestess-Ranger Split Class…D&D gets a sexuality table… Fey Geeky Goodness Abounds…. it has a lot of punny gags but also enough savvy wry dry humour to balance with all the wetter below the waist jokes.

Mixed company yes, multi-generational viewing, would be at least demi-adult (teenager) recommended, there’s enough Penny Seat gags low brow enough for everyone to get a laugh, nervous or in on it, eh?


Warning for people who are bothered by that other kinds of people exist, get over yourselves, ain’t no-body kewl into you. Which is why Nixon was so keen to meet with Elvis Presley – he was 1950s squarest man meeting the coolest man of that decade.

Presley, born in a 2 room shack, drove up to the gates of the White House and had an appointment with the President that same afternoon.

Presley – Nixon Summit 45th Anniversary





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