Kryten vs Crichton

Red Dwarf’s Mechanoid Service Droid Kryten was faithful to his original crew until rescued by the Dwarfers.

Kryten learned to become anti-social and modify his programming, ethical mode canceled and once, he even became a real human.


Androids and Holograms, Sapient Cats and the last human, barely, in the universe: Red Dwarf!


Farscape – John Critchon is an Earthling wormholed to the other end of the universe.

Mystics and Mad Scientists and Priesticons: some aliens are plants.

Caught between two would be Galactic Empires, Crichton is the craziest scientist of all: tick tock time is a lunchtime illusion, but it is also a countdown.

Farscape: The Muppets in Deep Space

Finally a SF show that is not human-centric! a Hu-Mon from an unknown backwater of the universe finds himself on a living creature with an assortment of Leather and BadAssery Alien Abilities and Alien Technologies and Alien Mythologies – … Continue reading



The Light of Right: Farscape

Farscape’s Dream a Little Dream had part of the cast on a planet with 90% Lawyers and 10% Utilities – service workers. Lying is wrong, hypothetically speaking.  Zaan is framed for a stranger murder, she had only opportunity not motive … Continue reading

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