Pop-Flicks: Techno-Anxiety Movies

D-0007_Demon_Seed_quad_movie_poster_l stepford wives war-games-movie-poster

From Techno-Houses creating I’M ALIVE! Offspring with the woman of the house – to replacing said woman with a robotic submissive version, to one’s male offspring starting global thermal nuclear warfare…. Man vs Machine!

02-towering-inferno airline_disaster the-poseidon-adventure-wallpapers_26483_1024x7681

Machine and Nature VS Man!

Poor Corporate Safety cultures, Poor Maintenance or Design – learning from disasters…..

foyice images -Super-Volcano-(English)---BBC

from natural climatological diasters and mass regional events…. in reality, mass regional events tipping the scales of climate… we are overdue and we have overloaded the planetary systems….

the-day-after-movie-poster-1983-1020690766 threads

If we don’t take ourselves out first, eh.


Gamers: Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter The Realistic After-the-Holocaust Game Credits Design: Greg Costikyan Development: Joe Balkoski, John M. Ford, and Nick Quane (1.0) The 90-Minute War Table 1-4 You survive the first strike; roll on table 2.0. 5-6 You are killed… Continue reading

Memo to Governments: You all need to Science.

Under pressure, Japan’s zoos abandon buying dolphins from grisly Taiji hunt Hunt was featured in the Oscar-winning 2009 film The Cove. : theglobeandmail.com B.C.’s Wolf Cull Is Unscientific, Unethical and Unwarranted This wolf cull is a consequence of industrial logging … Continue reading

It’s Getting to be “That Time” Again

Before Halloween is over, the hand wringing over the “war on christmas” begins, even though   RETAILERS are preparing, even now before summer is actually over and Labour Weekend – retailers are planning to put out both Halloween and Christmas … Continue reading

Spring in the Burbs

spring is here, spring is here life is skittles and life is beer – Tom Lehrer, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park       It’s Springtime in the burbs something not revealed by bulbs or with with hues of red … Continue reading

How Civilizations Rise and Fall: On their Paperwork

We do know who built the pyramids, the government scribes kept payroll records. Egypt, Rome and Greece are the best understood of the ancient world because they are the only three that developed government writing – legalese and contract – … Continue reading

11189423_ori history-of-the-world-part-i The_Mouse_That_Roared_British_Poster

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