Star Wars Memories

I saw Star Wars in it’s original theatre release, I was 9 and it was the most amazing movie I had ever seen (up to that point). The Music, the Spaceship rumbling shaking the seats in the theatre and Lightsabres!

Sitting in the Stanley Theatre on Granville, it had the best available sound system. That space ship rumbled onto the screen and my dad “there’s no sound in space!”

Gum Cards and comics and novels that expanded the universe.

I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special when it aired in original broadcast.

Empire Strikes Back enthralled and that rollercoaster flyover hoth, serious motion sickness. The Luke attack sequence added to explain Mark Hamill’s face change post car accident and Corvette Summer zipper gripper picture.

Novels, gum cards……

Han Solo Indiana Jones it and Leia’s transition was mostly from no underwear to no outerwear in Return of the Jedi … half sized wookies use stone age tech to bring down Imperial Forces………Death Star 2.0 didn’t improve on the design.

Two Ewok movies for tv and home VHS/Beta release.

The Star Wars Trilogy, The Original Series parts 4, 5 and 6. Special Editions in #versary releases.

I didn’t watch any of the three prequels, not in theatre, not on DVD and not even netflicks.

In the conflict between Star Wars vs Star Trek, I still prefer V and Battlestar Galactica, but also Firefly and I enjoy Babylon 5, Red Dwarf and Farscape. Embrace the larger science fiction multiverse.


Thank You Star Wars Fans

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