Writering Coinage: Godbot

Godbot: a person who speaks in talking points instead of talking to a point.

Pointedly, the religious trolls on internet forums and sadly, in person.

The term was coined by Nina Tryggvason on the Topix.com atheist subform, and drew on internet bot references and that religious colleges give course credit for trolling atheist forums.

The ways to recognize the godbot who is convinces they are a Moderate and True Believer is that anything other than reverence for their beliefs AND their “right” to espouse them regardless of context or appropriateness is deemed an attack.

The best responses to this are:

1. Get off the cross, we need the wood for low income housing.

2. You’ve been the lion feeders too long to pull that off, dearie.

3. Fancy that fallacy! sadly for you, the true believers ARE the extremist and reality has both a liberal and a science bias.

4. You’ve tried the book, now try creation! study nature and learn science!

5. Books are the one relationship that should never be monogamous.

They will use the word theory and opinion interchangeably as well as confusing “faith” and “belief”.

Belief that the sun will rise tomorrow is acceptance based on experience, not faith.

sadly, not ancient history, it’s recent history and current events




A useful guide to logical fallacies

(In other words, information that, upon recognizing it, can help you ask yourself “Why should I believe that?”)

It’s available here:

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