Rock of Ages: Teen Sploitation

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The fictional based on a true life story or the fictional life story that hits all the same plot points: following on the Walk the Line serious Johnny Cash biopic and the Oscar winning Ray biopic


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story is a popcorn movie in the tradition of This is Spinal Tap; actually while Dewey did discover punk, he missed heavy metal, but at least he did folk and disco versioned and then, was reborn in rap – a hip hop rapabilly .


Spinal Tap a group of actors playing a Heavy Metal Band in a tour documentary was such a massive cult success that they ended up touring, and to save costs, opened for themselves as a folk band, something embedded in the movie, and eventually they folk movied too.

-Return-of-Spinal-Tap mU5FY63wARQUcapxJ_QyM7Q51PAOu9hMCL._SY445_

Walk Hard starts with rockabilly and flows through all the genres that followed, along with the drug parts and frankly strayed into Eddie and the Cruisers territory of a fictional movie so convincing that people mighta thought it was real. Except that it played with movie genre medium referential – meta-tainment.


Real life band ABBA turns their music trax into a musical theatre and a movie all starred; this movie not really aimed at teenagers.


What makes a Film is the cinematic and the dramatic scope: the Arena and the Universal Appeal factor that is in fashion.

Walk Hard didn’t do well at the boxoffice, but that’s not the better version anyway, the longer director’s planned cut version is way funnier and subversive.


Walk Hard is a movie, it’s not a film, but it had more filmic hallmarks than most movies – and is as funny as the Josie and the Pussycats commentary on trend pimping in a brand pornocopia, where once movies payed companies to use their products, now company’s pay movies to incorporate them: ET the Extraterrestrial and the lessons of M&M pass and Reece’s Pieces going home to the leaderboard in candy world.




Rockverse: The Teenaged Lovers

Taps movie posterNina and the HeathersBill & Ted Excellent Adventure

From Rocksploitations to Rock Opera: The Movie Soundtrack

Go Johnny GoNina Repo Mana-hard-days-night-poster1

80s Rocksploitation: La Bamba

HeathersCritters movies DVD collection boxset UK, starring Dee Wallace, Scott Grimes, Leonardo DiCaprio, Angela Bassett, Don Keith Opper, Terrence Mann, Lin Shaye, Billy Zane, Aimee Brooks, Brad Dourif, Eric DaRe and many more - dvdbash.wordpress.commean girls

Ritchie Valens and rocking it folk style

51jP5sp9+JL._AC_UL320_SR212,320_Grease 2Footloose

80s Punkploitation Flicks: RepoMan

Poster - Rebel Without a Cause_03A70-6503  hello-mary-lou-prom-night-2--movie-poster-1987-1020244086

80s Movies: Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension


80s Power Ballads: “I’ve Never Been to Me”

Red and White Poster51BK00AHEYLfaster-pussycat

80s Movies: reinventing the Teen Date Horror Flick


80s Teensploitation: Totally Excellent Dude-Off

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