The art of the sale

I saw this documentary when I was in film school

For three days in my 20s, I worked for Kirby Vacuum doing door to door sales


two days of training and one day working for the company.


I was appalled when I did the math the customer was to pay $2,500.

that mean a $400 commission to me, and then some amount to the van driver who drove the sales team of 4.

then the supervisor of the van drivers

then the owner manager


so paying more than 10 times what the gadget was worth because at some point in society, there was no infrastructure to go to the mall


and if you couldn’t make what you needed or trade for it, you went without

anyway, I remember that the office was beside Knox Presbyterian Church in New Westminster


it had been years since I had been there, but I was distraught over the job

I am excellent at sales, I just have an intense dislike of selling


well I used to be. not being able to convince in person people of my story hasn’t helped my self image or confidence in my skill set.


anyway, I remember going to the church after I quit the job


I had an urge to see the table in the sunday school room

as if to confirm my memory of the saturday spent learning to use the rotor power tool to carve our names in the table


I remember how amazing it felt to hold that vibrating noisy machine and create sawdust


feeling the warm grooves in the wood with my fingertip

traceing my name


then years later

my finger on the glossy surface

peering into the wood grain




I had been there



the minister, older to me then, probably younger than me now

said something really helpful to me about the kirby office


“I see a lot of people go in. I rarely see them twice.”


it’s funny.

the same can be said of religion and other personality cults.


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