The Star Wars Reduction


I saw the first three movies when they came out in the theaters and I have not been able to watch the prequel three at all.

For several years, I bought the Star Wars books, the ones based on the movies, the Han Solo adventures and the Lando Calrissan ones before, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the expansion of Luke’s experience with Force Psychedelics.

So, the story is about a Young Person on a desert planet and their droid sidekick.

Politically, the Empire fell after the Aldebaran incident and Princess Leia lead the team that blew up the Empire’s Death Star, exploiting a technical fault in an exhaust vent; so a unified galaxy where trade and commerce could exit without space pirates, ..being government they tried the same thing again.

Anyway, the empire collapsed and the Extreme Control Freaks have built a Death Star that is so cool and not needing to exhaust that the surface is a snowy planet.

While Star Wars begins with Luke, a nobody with a destiny who wants to be involved in big things, The Force Awakens starts with faceless storm trooper, who is marked with the only blood – three fingers on his helmet and a smear on his chest/shoulder, as a means to visually allow him to be tracked through the troop deployment of massacring planet peasants to find the Droid with The Data.

It was disheartening when “star wars fans” were outraged at the idea of a black stormtrooper and totally oblivious rather refreshing diversity of the Rebel pilots in the Oscillator Bombing Runs, even as it recalled the Extras of the first movie.

This Star Wars dipped into Farscape territory with the reveal of the Storm Troopers being soldier bred and numbered rather than named, as well as the watery above light speed travel, with the slight hyperspace streaking stars becoming dots.

Energy Weapons don’t leave seeping or bleeding injuries. they cauterize as they punch a hole in ya.

Everyone from the original cast got older, but only Carrie Fisher got dumped on for it.

they managed to hit all the correct nostalgia buttons, and the funny notes, but this would have been the one for Han to tell Leia he loved her and her to say I know before he goes off and faces his son, who certainly didn’t take after his Uncle Luke.

In fact, the Sith Villian seemed more like a Snape Junior and in the wrong franchise, the Rebel Hero Pilot guested in this movie, perhaps we’ll find out what he did when he was separated from his droid.


Still, at least Luke picked better than a swamp planet for living on.

this movie managed to cram in a desert planet, a ice hoth planet, a forest green planet and then Luke’s water rocky world.

Han and Chewie, who carried most of the conversation this time around, were the married couple, almost as much as C-3PO and R2D2.

With the original movies, they had a bit of a 1940s serial pacing, but their was the sense given for time and travel and scenes dragged on a bit long.

this had the sense of almost a clip show, ramming in as many familiar visuals, leaving most of the dialog to the droid and wookie languages for people to agree with and then action happened, so no character arcs, just running towards small goals in the middle of big events.

It felt more like a commercial than the previews that played before it – every one a CGI special effects epic story of the little critter who did participate.

I have no doubt they can ring a couple more from this, and the only thing I can say positive about it is that it was better than the First Hobbit movie – but the movie Dune is now a better movie version of that book than Star Wars.

it felt like a special edition where it was showing they could do what was done before with better graphics and it lacked even a comic book or space opera sensibility.

When the camera panned over the vaguely SMDB cantina, I almost expected to see a CGI Bea Arthur resurrected behind the bar.

Star Wars is a G Franchise, so the violence is mostly missed shots and explosions, and no one swears, although the curious line “What the Hell” occurred and this is utterly nonsensical as “hell” is an earth idea.

And seriously the 5 planet shot draining the sun? so many issues and for something to be science fiction, it needs actual science in it, not just cowboys with technology.

Too much being able to follow along this fast sling shot through sets, recycling what had come before and no breath to enjoy a moment with a character.

Characters who mostly stumbled or ran from one scene to the next, like a saturday morning cartoon with legs moving as the characters remain in centre screen and the background rolls past them.

Too much of a sense of actors in front of a green screen and letting the audience bring their nostalgia and knowledge to do all the heavy lifting.

Moments are not created for gasps or getting one’s feet back, and the movie fails to give a sense of the character’s sense of space and time – so everything just speeds by with no one or moment standing out in any way visually or emotionally from any other and really – for a film with 5 planets exploded at the same time, the only “first” and everything else over burdened with iconic imagery from it’s source material but lacking all the fun wipes and dissolves or even getting the audience that rumbling ship bucket your seat belts you’re in for a ride, but on a straight track with no curves or dips or rises.


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