Writering Coinage: “The Tryggvason Collary” to “Poe’s Law”

Thinking up words, and hooking up phrases and clauses…

junction junction, what’s your function?

Sometimes satire is just too true. Poe’s Law.

saying the obvious as gentle satire… what should we call that?

The Tryggvason Collary to Poe’s Law

OTTAWA – With Bill C-51 now passed into law, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has stated it will use its new powers to defeat…  thebeaverton.com|By Jacob Duarte Spiel
  • Poe’s law is an internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extremism are indistinguishable from sincere expressions of extremism.[1][2] Poe’s Law implies that parody will often be mistaken for sincere belief, and sincere beliefs for parody.[3]
A corollary (/ˈkɒrəlɛri/ KORR-əl-ur-ee or UK /kɒˈrɒləri/ ko-ROL-ər-ee) is a statement that follows readily from a previous statement.
The church has always loved a good fight. Even if they have to start it.
reverbpress.com|By Ronald L. DeGrove
 “Which liberal candidates for president in 2016 are campaigning to have Christians rounded up and executed?”
The Religion Myth
So...do people still get diagnosed with Napoleon Complex or is he now too dated a reference?

So…do people still get diagnosed with Napoleon Complex or is he now too dated a reference?

Odin no ice giants meme

The Viking Week

Beware Old Vikings

Note to Millennials:

Age and Treachery beats Youth and Enthusiasm

GEN X/Y the beat beaten beat generation

Unlike us. – You OUTNUMBER the Boomers.

words were meant to woo

 Winona Laduke nailz it
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