The Comic Side of Life: not for funphobics

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin – X-men, Aliens, Mutants, Super Beings. UberMenches.

bild_4_gross 913367

In the 1940s it was Comic Books – then it was Rock n Roll in the 50s

LearyQuote01 tune in turn on drop out

the 1960s counter-culture, but the Hippies became Yippies and Yuppies in the 1980s.

GameAuthorCopy_t200 Gary-Gygax-Quotes-2

The 1970s Disco Me Generation – the children of the 50s now adulting.

Gary-Gygax-Quotes-4  quote-random-chance-plays-a-huge-part-in-everybody-s-life-gary-gygax-80-53-40

Dungeons and Dragons – TSR – The Standard Rules – derived from LOTR, The Hobbit, et al, Anthropology of Science Fiction – from whence all other RPS (Role playing Games) were spawned.

MTV-Logo.svg MuchMusic

Pop Pop Pop Up Video Music – Movies and Music Meet – Music Video – from radio to tv to the internet. Web 1.0 when only geeks could HTML pages, but Web 2.0 is social, so anyone can be a content. Provider. Content Provider.

indiana-pole-position02  atari2600

jack in, jack off – plug n play – music and games – soundtrack and sound effects

in the 1980s, the Back Masking in Music, subliminal hidden tracks, picture pop flash in advertising. – no longer merely commercials, but show sponsors – and thus – boycottable and everyone wanted a say in who and what was on which air and when.

Basic cable to satellite and internet and be up all night… alpha delta brain wave soup.. frequency… tune into my wave

trends and cycles. treading and recycling.

Generation Gaps, Generational Shift, Nostalgia, The Good Ole Days, Fallacy of the Ancients…


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