British Culture

I was thinking more about this post and Stephen Fry,


I grew up in Canada, watching American entertainment mostly, but also a lot more British than Canadian content.

Frankie Howerd Up Pompeii


I agree with Fry that Americans tend towards the heroic and if an underdog all the better.

Other cultures are not so monocharactered or toned.


A big part of that I think is the stories told.

Americans tell stories about Americans while other nations tend towards more the span of cultures that lead to them.

Up Pompeii is a show I remember seeing a long time ago in syndication, and yesterday, I watched the series and the later special Further Up Pompeii.


The Dirty Old Man and The Smarter Servant are common British humour – along with men in drag and Frankie delivers both in Up Pompeii.


There is something that just doesn’t translate when a UK show is turned into an American one

ike when they tried to do an American pilot of Red Dwarf


changing Lister from him to a cute George Clooneyish scoundrel was a wrong move



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