MovieWorld: The Period Piece

The time honored tradition of tackling a difficult subject by putting it in the past, so it’s bother easier to go “tut tut, people then!” and to keep the lead characters white so as to not have to be inclusive now by telling new stories with new demographics; audience depending.

How to appear to be dealing with issues, but not actually deal with

 method one: the period piece


Lesbian Cinema doomed to be coming out stories, Gay Men only okay if one dies still. Honestly mainstream, we have a lot more diversity than that.

Scared of being inclusive – go back to when White Men got picked on Scenery Chewing Good time.

the appearance of authentic or edgy or adult, honestly, get over yourselves, other people exist and have interesting stories.

other market niches need A Listers, and genre mashups and cross overs.

not just “Gay for Pay” or “Social Issue = Oscar”


it is the catering to the people who aren’t buying the ticket limiting the entertainment and voices possible of those who do.

another harm of religion, the against progress and then the whining about progress…

method 2 – make a child the lead to soften the adult world….

Cultures in decline on the reservations and slums, generations of adults lost or the generational connection broken – appropriation, representation, inclusion – Gay American Men were able to afford medical care so that AIDs could be detected, an illness that has robbed many nations of a generation of adults, because of primarily religious attitudes against the sexuality of humans. Gays in the 1980s were the new black from the civil right 1960s.

movies for the “mainstream” vs movies for the represented audience. the individual everyman being allmen…..

There are now so many markets, will we ever agree on anyone the way the world agreed on Elvis Presley again? Unlikely.


Environment and Equality meet in the Economic arena – the only way to end terrorism and organized crime is a reorganization of what is legal vis a vis drug use; but more than that – ensuring everyone has a means of community and economic participation; to which, there is a Canada solution: Mincome.

Work for it’s own sake is drudgery, work of equal value? what does that even mean – Work production is merely activity: work with value has outcomes.

1970s’ Manitoba poverty experiment called a success … – CBC

Mar 25, 2010 – From 1974 through 1978, about 30 per cent of the population of Dauphin was provided with a “mincome,” as the guaranteed level of income …

cbc wavy logo

Lessons from Mincome: How a Basic Income Would …

Aug 7, 2013 – From 1974 to 1979, a basic income social experiment known under the name of “Mincome Program” took place in a small canadian town.



Money for nothing: Mincome experiment could pay …

Aug 26, 2014 – Under the program, called Mincome, about 1,000 families received monthly checks. Now people are looking back to see whether it worked, as …


NFB has more Oscars than any other studio, almost entirely in Documentary, Features and Shorts, and Short Film and Animation Feature and Shorts.

Most people inside canada can’t name a Canadian movie…




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