Musketeers: Techno-machination Plots

Through a Glass Darkly

The king is taken hostage by an astronomer and is forced to make an impossible choice.
That is the episode description on imdb. Anytime you see “impossible choice” understand it’s a “sophie’s choice situation” – it makes “make a life and death choice” seem more dire, when it’s what Kings did every day.
What I saw was utterly the laziest episode with a huge plot hole that no one notices and never gets corrected from decade to decade Supervillian vs Heros.
The Supervillian out for personal revenge – in this case a peasant plague survivor with a grudge somehow becomes a famous astronomer, acquires property, and wealth to construct an astonishing astronomical device, a huge lens to create a camera  and a reflective table mirror (whew wot a convolution of effort, on a coin, maybe for naught)- but most importantly attracts a cult following to help pull off  the murder of the king and heir with no real social message, no exit strategy and no monetary gain from which is pay the said minions.

Overcompensating on the plan? Overmuch effort with little to no payoff, usually because predictable monolog as to why – cue sad backstory…

actually characters on shows seem cookie cutter textbook from psych 101 classes…

then the fanatical adherence to made up rules about coin tosses.

really? actually you can get that to work in your favour if you are in that type of hostage situation.

complicated and convoluted plans are court games, conspiracies and revenge are simple and more direct, reducing the variables and simply the plan.

the hour of tv that could save your life

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my favorite medical shows. It’s a great mix of character balanced against procedure with a realism level above comparible era shows. The Santuary Episode, where a man enters the hospital seeking vengance for the loss … Continue reading


The Very Complete, Very Extended, Printer Friendly, Evil …

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Cops n Heros: Procedural Vigilantes

I have totally maxed out on the social law and order procedurals, moreso on the social paranoia they serve – justice works most of the time, or someone outside of the law will backhand it. From mutant heroes (vigilantes really) … Continue reading

Evil Overlord, Inc.

A message from the CEO, and a list of things to remember as an evil overlord.

TV Genre: The Medical Proceedureal

From Ambulance or Fire/Ambulance – Inner City Clinic – most medical shows are set in a doctor’s practice, The Hospital or maybe the doctor’s office. I thought it was weird that this Dr Marcus Welby did house calls to check … Continue reading


Peter’s Evil Overlord List – Evil Overlord, Inc.

Attention all Evil Overlord List Aspirants: Contrary to popular belief, taking over the universe is not as easy as it would first appear. Due to the complexity of this …

TV Genre: In and Around The Law

From the PO-lice to the Private Eyes, even Process Servers – but mostly – mostly – it’s Cops and Lawyers. Judges and Government levels of investigations.. into……musical and vampire cops .. and CSI effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia reading


Evil Overlord List – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Evil Overlord List, also known as If I Were An Evil Overlord, is one of several popular lists of planned actions for a competent Evil Overlord to avoid the …

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