PopPopPop Culture: Olivia Newton-John


Ah the summer of Grease and elementary school memories of the huge cassette player and dancing to the soundtrack with the school mates……..


the golden era of Hollywood was 1939 escapism from the drab depression – Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind,


Col Parker was sadly right about Elvis movies. People just wanted pretty scenery and prettier girls and Elvis singing, romancing and fighting……


Olivia did a movie in Australia with a band she was in for a while. a Scifi rock n oddessy.


She country sang her way to Cliff Richard’s tv program and then hopped the pond to America.


Where Elvis sang her two country hits and Roy Acuff recreated the American Country Music association to exclude the Brit/Aussie singer.

She rock n rolled up in Grease and then release her Totally Hot Album and then in 1980.


She got Physical and put women’s sexual desire on the charts.


Madonna and Cyndi Lauper dominated the young girl market.


Olivia’s Physical video of turning fat men into hunky gay men was revolutionary and she has been a huge ally and was often accused of being a lesbian.


She married a young dancer she met on the set of Xanadu – Matt Lattanzio and they had a daughter. They divorced…… and


around that point, I stopped paying attention to the personal lives of living celebs as too0 invasive and not really relevant to my enjoyment of their music or movies. or books.


ONJ had a cameo in the gay film – It’s My Party.



Popcorn Guilty Pleasure Flicks!

Xanadu – hot on the Grease fan wave – Olivia signed on for this movie before the script was finished.

A dreamer connects to his Muse and changes the world


When an enchanted muse is sent from heaven to help a struggling artist open a roller-disco, a love story ensues that you need to see to believe! Featuring an…

Popcorn Guilty Pleasure Flicks!

Following on the heels of her box office flop Xanadu – ONJ and John Travola repaired to ignite their Grease Charisma – to this another box office flop.

But…. I think this is one of the most subversive movies ever.

God is going to destroy the world and the Devil saves it.

WATCH NOW : http://streams.aff-id.com/aff_c?offer_id=99&aff_id=1410 Anyway, if you ready to watch full this movie… Actually watched it already, I will shar…
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