Why Representation Matters: LGBTQ

Scarlett Johansson will play a trans man, but she doesn’t get why people are mad

Dear Heteros

if you really want to show LGBTQ support,
then stop taking the few roles that represent us

support our participation and inclusion

No More Gay for Pay or Queer Baiting Mainstream Entertainments

“Gay for Pay” is no different than Blackface.


Straight play trans and win Oscars. Trans live as trans get BS of all types. I talked this issue in 1995. I am glad more people are standing up to this Transface stuff


Lesbian Movies have yet to Oscar, there’s been 2 trans ones – TransAmerica and Boys Don’t Cry that have, and Brokeback Mountain for the gay men.

and when it does, it will be a period piece to be shocked by why people then were oppressive as if now is not.

Judging by the number, and intensity, of the comments, it is clear that opinions are divided on this issue. I did wonder if, as a mere gay man, I should comment or ‘take sides’. In the end I decided that I have to avoid hypocrisy – many times in the past I have bemoaned the absence of gay men or lesbians in gay or lesbian roles even when there have been plenty available. I cannot now say anything different about transgender roles going to transgender people. I have no doubt that the actress in this case would do her best – but it is not enough really. There are more than enough other great roles for the cisgender straIght actors and Miss Johansson should have thought a bit longer before accepting – but the lure of the Oscar…..


50,000 humanist points

Simple. Let the trans community and it’s supporters fund and produce these kinds of movies. Let the community make the changes it wants.

The ways things are going you’ll have to be the exact same age and genetic make up of the historical figure Beijing portrayed so you can fully appreciate who they really were.

Hollywood helped create the identity monster and now it’s stuck with it.


how does a group lacking the wealth and means of production/distribution simply create an industry?

far simpler for the existing industry to include existing market niches

meanwhile, the only actual simple thing is you.

Lest We Forget


People like you could put some $$ into action. Start out on an indoi budget and grow from there. If you have compelling stories people will watch. If all you have is identity politics and diversity, your audience is likely small and too busy complaining about how other people spend their money to come and see your production.


who does “People like you” refer to in your naive oversimplication?


People, who like you, believe they have the right to tell other people how they should spend their money. While simple it’s basically what you’re telling to do.

Why aren’t you supporting indie films telling the stories of trans people?


your false assumptions lead to an accusatory negative assumption.

Based on what do you assume that I have money to invest in anything?

and, if I did, you assume that there are not other equaly worthy projects based on different demographics of equal, equivalent, and more/less dire value and LGBTQ community concern up to international importance

or something that is not a not a human social matter at all

Lest We Forget, the Climate Changed.


Well I suppose I come from a child of put your money where your mouth is and if you aren’t willing to put the time, money and effort to achieve a goal, then you really don’t have the right to tell other people they should spend their money to achieve your goals.

The original blaBl Witch project cost $60,000. Indie films are a viable first step to achieve the goal you and others in this thread are calling Hollywood up to do.


So your view is basically your childhood inability to understand the difference between a expressing an opinion and one’s goals and financial planning,

given that there is no such right to be free from commentary; my freedom of expression does give me the right to hold and express viewpoints on any and all subjects.

as for the Blair Witch, it was cheap to make, it was poorly written and it was a simple horror story with no social commentary and had more plot on the website.

Hollywood has to take the doors off the closet that it has imprisoned LGBTQ in, from it’s beginning.

going by your posts, you are not LGBTQ

which, raises the question of you putting your time and effort into here

and what is it that you are trying to accomplish without money then.

Disagree with the “point” of this article completely.
Didn’t Tom Hanks play a gay man (who died of AIDS) in ‘Philadelphia’? Didn’t Sean Penn play ‘Milk’??
Johansson is playing the role of someone who ead born ‘female’, as she was. NOT offensive.


gay for pay is not representation

it’s movies for the heteros by heteros about us

not by, about or for LGBTQ

Anyone willing to watch a Trans movie, but not with a transperformer

is not supporting the LGBTQ community

they are supporting the heteros displacing LGBTQ from being representing


You are ridiculous! The best actor should get the role – PERIOD! As for “Gay for Pay”, I guess the vast majority of gay men, who shell out a hell of a lot of money to watch “Gay for Pay” porn aren’t supporting the LGBTQ community either, right?


you are ridiculous if you think merit matters or that casting or even regular job hiring is done that way.

straight men in gay porn is a whole other thing: revenge fantasy on all the jocks from school and all the bullies in the workplace and public spaces.

than heteros filling all the public space as if their acting is representative of actual people

indeed,: America President Reality TV Host demonstrates the problem of incompetent to the dangerously unqualified in a job.

indeed,: America President Reality TV Host demonstrates the problem of incompetent to the dangerously unqualified in a job.


I’m fine with cis men playing cis men and cis women playing cis women. That’s not what’s under discussion here. Duh.


how is a person playing one demographic they are not a member of

different than that person playing another demographic they are not member of?

when there are people of those demographics who can act a character?


Guess what sweetie, lots of cis straight actors dont get roles either. Is it because of discrimination or just because they’re not good enough ? Same goes for trans actors. If an actor was trans and bankable, i guess they would be hired.


rot and twaddle

how are trans entertainers supposed to become bankable when they are never actually seen by the mainstream?

see also: you are suffering under the delusion that merit is real


Would you rather have NO representation at all??
Once upon a time — not that long ago — black people were played by caucasian actors in black face (horrid!!) — which evolved into black people playing (very stereotypical) black people (also horrid!) Asian roles were treated the same way, but we have gotten far beyond that.
Moving forward, I expect to see far fewer gay characters being portrayed by cisgender actors. That evolution will continue with trans roles as trans actors become more mainstream.
Unfortunately, true equality comes in baby steps. But at least we’re moving in the right direction.


Yes. Implicitly excluded is preferable to grudging gay for pay.

not merely invisible, but pointedly absent.

in fact the goofy John Stamos movie Wedding Wars (TV Movie 2006) – IMDb

has a very good idea for LGBTQ: general strike across all industries

Call in Queer to Work


A man who is straight playing a man who is gay or vice versa is the same as black face.



yes. when done to diminish or demean the person of the group depicted

it is.


Well, it only pertains to straight men playing gay men, but yeah. It is.


straight white men and straight white women playing everything

from ethnicity, and disabilities to sexual gender identity

is very insecure and needy, and given that most people become actors because they lack a strong personality of their own, is an irony metre beyond your limited scope and compression, that continued demonstrated lack of social intelligence.

I don’t get why people are mad. I can understand people getting mad that someone glamorous is getting tapped to play someone most definitely not glamorous but that’s about it.

If a cis female was cast to play a trans*woman, would you have the same argument?


because you’re a troll to the LGBTQ

so, of course you don’t see the problem

it has too often from Coronation Street to TransAmerica, an oscar movie

ditto Boys Don’t Cry

it’ called “acting”. leave her alone. this is a break-out role that some actors wait a lifetime to nail.


better to see a person of the demographic acting

than a person acting a demographic

Your trolling is showing again, that constant hetero support over LGBTQ

a big confederate flag on your posts

50 Best Gay Movies: LGBT Films Ranked And Reviewed – Time Out

What is being suggested here is type casting. Any good actor or actress (yes I still use that word) should be able to play any role!


amazingly not true, it’s why actors actually specialize in types of roles or genres

character actors do more movies than people who think they can play anyone

and, using phrases such as (yes I still use that word) indicates your lack of insight and social skills.

Linda Hunt won an Oscar for playing a man! No one was upset about that. IT’S CALLED ACTING!


actually people were and there was a huge debate over if the performer or the performance was the thing being awarded

she was almost done under supporting actress

eventually, it was what was shown on screen that determined the award category

and Linda Hunt is lesbian, so that is a whole other dimension than “gay for pay” heteros seeking to align themselves with a social issue for an award.

Men are not passed up for acting jobs because of their gender…..


Men are not passed up for jobs because of their gender…..

(suggested edit)



Agreed . I was just placing emphasis regarding this specific article. Thank you!

chronological list of LGBT-themed films, 1916-1989, with notes – IMDb

LGBTQ ACTORS have worked VERY HARD to get rid of this shite!
We used to see LGBTQ actors stereotyped or not getting jobs simply because they WERE LGBTQ.
Anyone who’s over 50 must remember Charles Nelson Rielly or Paul Lynde etc.
Both men were great actors. Both were gay and BOTH were stuck in stereotypical roles or playing weak hetero men.
Today we have gay people playing straight people and straight people playing LGBTQ people and bi people playing anyone they want to ..
AND it’s all good BECAUSE they are ACTORS working at their CRAFT – which is ACTING!
THAT is the very definition of an actor, right? Someone who can ACT as if they are someone different from themselves.
These are actors … It’s an art.


there have always been queers playing straight:Rock Hudson in classic hollywood, for example of prime hetero characters, who often played gay to get the girl.and more besides in movies from the start.and for centuries of theatre in every human culture ever and

queer cinema history:

Before the Hayes Code:

sissy men and spinster women generally a murder victim or suicide to save the one they love and return them to heter0sexuality or in support services of use to heteros so tolerated but not included.

(see: Pandora’s Box,, and the documentaries Celluloid Closet and the Lavender Screen which decodes cowboy movies)

After the Hayes Code, when women’s roles were limited to the household

then, it was coming out, over and over and over again, and from being murdered to being murders

(The Children’s Hour, the band played on, Cruising, Basic Instinct)

then it was AIDS movies – longtime companion, early frost and so forth

movies about changing demographic is not the sum total of queer stories

and heteros who want to be seen as allies, taking away the few roles where queer audiences get to see ourselves, how is that helping actual queers

instead of making the heteros feel woke seeing a het be gay for pay?

and what does that say to the queers in the audience?

when I saw Philadelphia on screen, Hanks and Banderas did not even kiss, and there was no sense of their being a couple at all

Denzel Washington did an amazing performance of connecting the “back of the bus” with only his face in the library scene of wouldn’t Hanks feel better in a room alone and unseen.

the mostly het audience was impacted in a very different way with that movie than I was.


I agree! I also think LGBTQ actors are going to pay BIG for THIS little shitfit that some people are having.
Here’s an example of a response tweet to the hissy fits being thrown over this issue:
“Not really sure why Scarlett Johansson playing a trans individual is a problem. If people can only play roles that represent them, LGBT actors will have a lot less roles.”
I forsee some serious repercussions over these hissy fits that are occurring and I seriously suggest that we don’t give Hollywood a reason to ONLY HIRE GAY ACTORS TO PLAY GAY PEOPLE because I think there are a lot of closest conservative directors that will do JUST THAT and our community will be the one’s to suffer.


yeah, how dare we ask to be included.

and given that the majority will backlash

how is that the fault of the queers who are marginalized and then blamed for pointing it out, and then the majority doubles down in retribution while demanding we watch them play us if there are even any roles at all?

are you that self loathing or a pale male troll?


Well, it’s about oppression and under-representation in Hollywood.

So yeah, there should be only LGBT people playing LGBT roles. We also should get to play non-LGBT roles, since non-LGBT folks have played us for so long.


We should do it to them because they did it to us? Really? Should African Americans have had the right to enslave white people or to lynch them? I guess that as a Jew, I should have the right to put Germans into concentration camps since they did it to my ancestors. We aren’t children, so we should be able to rise above “an eye for an eye” mentality.


“We should do it to them because they did it to us? Really?”

Yeah. Really.

Honestly though, I’m not talking about taking over. Just more legit representation.


you know that there is a difference between entertainment and social representation and actual criminal slavery and genocide?

or rather. ,you should know, because you are just ranting off topic.

Scarlett Johansson exits ‘Rub & Tug’ trans role after LGBTQ backlash

First stop saying that it was due to backlash of the LGBT community. At best it was backlash from minority of the T community.

Second, the movie will very probably die now, so good job trans activists to have killed a project that would have give more visibility to the trans cause.


this lesbian spoke against the casting, and I doubt I was the only one

your post is very odd, you bash on the entire community and then blame part of a part of it for an outcome that it would be the heterosexuals doing

A loud handful of transtrolls put a cisfemale in her place again. That’s power…
Transappropriation should not be tolerated anymore.


You realize the irony in your comment right?


We do.


no, you really do not.

and, unless your schizophrenic. you are not a we.

just watch, they will not make the movie at all, and blame the trans community for making a fuss as the reason.


Your point being?


it’s right there clearly stated in the post

and just beyond you, like the obvious.


“Trans stories” written by cis people aren’t trans stories, though.

They’re cis stories about trans people.

Those stories do not contribute to trans equality. Far more often, they perpetuate negative stereotypes and just reinforce cisgender assumptions, even more than straight-made “gay” movies do.

This is like saying a musician should give away the rights to their music for free, because they should just be grateful for the publicit


No. I’m saying that by refusing to cast transgender actors, even the most well-intentioned movies with trans storylines are contributing to the societal disenfranchisement they profit from.

Casting trans actors, and including trans contributors to the writer’s room, would completely solve that problem, to everybody’s satisfaction.


So, just to be clear: you are saying that it’s impossible for a non-trans person to write a story about a trans person that doesn’t contribute to trans equality? Really??


it is not possible for anyone outside of a demographic to write a genuine story from that perspective

and stories written for a mainstream audience are not about, by or for queers.

stories are crafted for the audience

there is a limit to the universal condition in a unique arena



By the same token, heterosexual pieces written by trans people ….see how that can come back to haunt you


no, not all all, any minority can easily write about the mainstream

your black/white thinking is why you engage in merely reversing statement in a false equivalency, devoid of reality.


Firstly, about half of trans people are straight. Do you mean cis?

Secondly, are trans people guilty of discriminating against heterosexual people? Are trans people the ones denying hetero folks healthcare and other basic rights because we refuse to believe decades of science proving straight people don’t choose to be that way? Do we tell straight people they just haven’t tried hard enough to be trans? No. That’s what cis people (usually straight) have done to us.

Thirdly, most trans people spent much of their lives thinking they were just bad at being cis. I spent twenty years thinking I was just not good at feeling comfortable in my body. Turns out, I was just trans.

You are perpetuating a false equivalency. Trans people are not members of a powerful majority. We are a much-maligned oppressed minority, and face challenges to our very existence that you never have and, god willing, never will. Unsurprisingly, you fail to realize that me fighting for the EXACT SAME RIGHTS you have doesn’t take those rights away from you.



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10 Responses to Why Representation Matters: LGBTQ

  1. swordwhale says:


    My middle school crush was George Takei, who played a very strong Asian character on Star Trek and is gay (and awesome still). Of course ST broke a few barriers…

    Change may be slow and painful. It always has been. Why’d it take so looooooong to get us Black Panther? (with predominately black cast AND crew)…

    Ideally we have trans playing trans… or anything else they want. Yep.

    Right now… do we choke off the possibility of a good story opening the door to further accurate and true representation?

    I’m rooting for diversity and representation. For being allies. Continue to raise your voices and educate. The conversations may be conflicted but will create change…


    • dykewriter says:

      the problem is that hollywood will do one such attempt and call it good enough for another decade. art comments on and reflects but rarely changes society. meanwhile, but movies are distraction to real social change action. Legislation leads the social change that pushes it.


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    Updated for july 15, 2018


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