Movie Review: Two of a Kind

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta set the silver screen ablaze as Sandy and Danny in Grease.

I remember that there was even a tv special that they co-hosted to reach out to kids and teens to warn them away from drugs.

so there was some anticipation over their re-pairing in another film. Could they be the next Rock Hudson and Doris Day?

Two of a Kind

the premise was simple – God decided to end the world and start over unless 2 selfish people make a sacrifice for each other – and the subversive part of the movie is that it’s the Devil who actually ensures that they do.

Now, the movie didn’t do well in the box office. Partly because the characters were not relatable or particularly likeable.

Olivia plays an actress/bank teller who steals the money from the robbery that costs her day job

while John plays an inventor who robs the bank to get the mob off his back.

Olivia had already made Xanadu – and failed to learn her lesson about not signing on for the movie when all that was written was the songs instead of the script.

mind you, Xanadu, with it’s greek god context was pretty subversive – and it did signal an advance in special effects.

it remains a guilty pleasure movie to this day.


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