Fricken Fracking Freaking Fireworks

Blam! Squeal! pop pop pop.

7:30 hand held mostly, the sky wasn’t yet dark enough

8:30 lighter rain, bright cloud cover and gloomey skies Squeals Blam! Squeal! pop pop pop.

In the Hollytree in the back yard, birds huddled deep against the trunk. Something big enough to shake branches was scared. pop pop pop BLAM squeals

fireworks to one side BLOOM and they echo SquealBLam Fireworks in response

Part of my brain imagines the sounds as distant battle, but I don;t want to trigger that anxiety of hunkering down and not knowing pop pop BLam pop Squeal boom

flickers and flashes in the night sky – not airplanes or drones dropping bombs

pop pop pop crackers, squealers screecher and spew sparks and BLAM a starburst in the night sky

not door to door fighting, not street gangs determining turf, not police shooting someone for “Walking While Not White” or some other non-capitol offense.

16028 atcr-1-pat-bolduc-detail

Fireworks .. gunpowder… invented in China. From entertainment to weaponized.

Europe… when all the lands were peopled with wild spaces.. melee weapons to distance, from one to one, to all or none, swords became decorative when the world got guns.

Black+Live+Matter+2 idle-no-more

Europe was brimming with people and there is no more wild space where herd species exist. Humans pushed out from the Savannah turned agriculture and clustered into cities – where now the majority of people live – cheek to jowl.

idle-no-more-3 racial-equality-mascots-small-93586

I remember having an intense online flame war with a group about bylaws. I was the lone Canadian in an American dominated group.

I could not understand a particular hold out so I asked him – how close is your nearest neighbour?

5 miles he replied.

Noise Bylaws are meant to applied to people living 6 inches apart in the same building to people living 8 feet apart in single family dwellings. No one cares what someone out in the bush is doing.

his response “I never thought of it that way.”

the law applies to everyone, for their protection as much as for their guidance on how to deal with each other – and that it doesn’t occur to people to be able to situate their own situation as opposed to the group norms or full spectrum of experience of existence.

9:30 the little kids came in waves between 6:00 and 7:30, then an hour of no one, then, the kids on the verge of being too old and having their last time around – 8:30 to 9

even the fireworks are slowing, more booms less squeals… halloween is almost over

another year of candy and costumes, consumer awareness and Parents raising awareness about children with allergies (we know already), children with with with whatever, and then there’s that adultier aspect of the season, naughty costumes, touchy taboos, cultural appropriation and distortions and also, culture exchange as people adapt this candy giveoween – the appetizer to Thanksgiving in the USA (the real one already occurred in Canada, eh) Memorial Day and Remembrance Day November 11 and then Christmas.

the high holy day of the dollar capitalist fiscal year

snuggle-with-a-struggle woman_feather_Ossie_Michelin_APTN_c

Only the Shittiest Pretend Systemic and Ethnic Oppression Doesn’t Exist

“It’s obviously a crime of hate. Again, we don’t know the rationale, but what other rationale could there be?” Santorum pretends he doesn’t know racism exists in order to twist christian on christian violence? How can he  … Continue reading

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