Being Understood: Priceless

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Be strong you never know


  • Francisca Midwifetothesoul you inspire me daily, Miss Nina.
  • Nina Tryggvason wow. thank you. that means a great deal to me.
  • Francisca Midwifetothesoul Well, it’s the truth. Just like many people, I have plenty challenging moments and at those times I often find comfort, awe and inspiration through you – both as a person and through your posts. When we first met you wrote about some of the challenges you face(d). As humans are we tend to place one another in boxes and I don’t see the Agoraphobic who happens to have the name Nina: I see Nina who happens to battle Agoraphobia. As you well know, there’s a distinct difference and to me: I see the latter. I see Nina who doesn’t just battle – the Nina I see is fierce and battles with a vengeance and is a Nina who dares to see, dares to speak, dares to address – yet also dares to acknowledge that there are going to be setbacks along the journey – anyone’s journey – and acknowledges that that is okay too. That in itself takes a tremendous amount of courage… I see a Nina who has the heart, the insight, the compassion and the beauty of someone I am proud to call my friend – someone who dares to be themselves. I simply see Nina, and you inspire me on many levels ((( ))) thank you.
  • Nina Tryggvason wow.. gosh… I… I hafta blog that…wow.. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude
  • Nina Tryggvason You are the first and this is the first time, I thanked someone with this song
    Raw Recovery Specialist
    limp dish rag momentI think


    I feel like a victorian novel character

    the crazy woman in the attic

    ooo I had a strong emotion

    I must lie down for a week

    of course, they had the excuse of corsets

    I’ve been been suppressing hyperventilating and screaming for too many years.

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