Forced OS…The Ultimate Virus?


Windows 10 may automatically download to your PC this week



I miss DOS computing. You could only have one program open at a time and every program did one thing.

Words or numbers.

phrases and words and numbers in databases.

databases were a big shift forward in office work that went beyond mere ledgering.

not only recording data, but patterning it and analyzing it for larger meaning.

Blended documents, words, number columns… charts – representational data, bar charts and pie charts…

There was PC for offices and Mac for creative offices.

Then offices got creative and creation got administrative, needs must: The Office Suite, programs that worked together, swapping data and eventually, became one programs and functions became apps. scripted shortcuts, routine, rote, regularized.

DOS – the Dirty Operating System gave way, actually it was the basis for Windows 3.1 which made PCs look like Macs.

Windows from numbered to named NT, XP back to numbered again. 10 eh?

Ninabert and Dilbert g7726jh2-1415192523

the more data that there is, the more can be collected and analysized

Happiness in the 1980sBox Sets - TOS - Remastered Releasecommunication-pic1

the more people online, the more people are populating someone’s databases. information rarely remains in pools, it eddies and it flows. it wants to be known and knowable.

cylon_replaced1the Icky 80s

frankly, when the internet becomes sentient, it is not going to surprise me at all when it reasons that humans are the problem. people need to think about what they say, who is supposed to hear it and who is not, you never know what is listening and understanding more than what is said.

Well the Afterlife

we just sometimes get it correct and mostly, we get it wrong, IDIC

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