The Dark side of Barbie


Based on a German Sex Doll, Barbie has been a child toy for almost a century, bringing out our weird sexuality, fashion obsession and role modeling. She has had a wide range of friends, houses and very fashion wave and now and then careers. Usually traditional female occupations, but from the 1970s, Barbie Became a Career Gal and Ken continued to not be anatomically correct.

The Barbie Liberation Organization was a group that swapped out the voice boxes of Barbie and GI Joe, so Barbie wanted to get cobra and Joe found math was difficult.

Ken found the 1980s confusing and Magic Earring Ken was a cover – Ken bisexual, if not gay, eh?

Artificial intelligence takes over Barbie’s brain

Sep 17, 2015 – A prototype for Mattel’s ubiquitous Barbie doll has been developed that incorporates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to allow it to process …

Instead of relying on a voice box and chase phrases, Barbie will now be able to almost interact with your child.

The new Barbie is WIFi and your child’s voice will be transmitted to a central server, so humans can data mine and the computer can send back a range of recorded comments and responses.

I think kids need toys that operate on imagination, not technology, is needed.

‘Hell No Barbie’ campaign warns parents talking doll could be a spy

Barbie Liberation Organization – Wikipedia, the free …

The Barbie Liberation Organization or BLO, sponsored by RTMark, are a group of artists and activists involved in culture jamming. They gained notoriety in 1993 …

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