Primate World: Chimps and Bonobos

gorilla-chimp-human physical-differences-990 Picture 1000

We are the least hairy risen ape.

Chimps have been observed doing all the same human conduct, including rape and extermination wars.

Bonobos resolve conflicts with sex and are almost all bisexual.

What a different idea we’d have about humans if we had observed them before the chimps,eh?

One Ape To mimick them all

Beatrice the Biologist Brand new episode of our Youtube show available now: Subscribe to our channel here:   because humans do all of these, cultural and individual interest depending.

Animal Instincts

  To me, the most meaningless word in the English language is  Anthropomorphize   The arrogant assumption that humans have characteristics not found in other species of animals is appalling to me. One of the most annoying scenarios in the science … Continue reading

AnthroWorld Shocker: Dian Fossey a Martyr

I came across this Dian Fossey Documentary from National Geographic and was stunned by  the revelation that she planned her own death.   McGuire was charged and convicted in absentia.  … Continue reading

Meet 3 of the great apes

I watched the National Geographic Special the lost film of Dian Fossey yesterday Digit with Cindy, Dian’s dog we didn’t come from monkeys.. .monkeys are not apes and they have tails monkeys are a distant cousin of us apes orangutan, … Continue reading

Science is a process

They did pioneering work with no template or earlier work on base on.   They changed the way we interacted and understood our fellow primates – mostly to understand that they are in fact our fellow primates.     It … Continue reading

The Means Files: Happy Darwin Day

The Genomes of Darwin’s Finches Have Now All Been Sequenced Back in 1835, Charles Darwin was captivated by the incredible diversity in beak shapes among finches living in the Galápagos archipelago off Ecuador. Now, after… Archaic human skull provides … Continue reading

PrimateWatch: The Age of the Chimp Dawns

Congo: A Group of Chimpanzees Seem to Have Mastered Fire Ubundu| A group of bonobo apes living in the Salonga National Park, may have mastered the basic practice of creating and using fire. This particular… Chimps Use Spears To Hunt … Continue reading

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23 Responses to Primate World: Chimps and Bonobos

  1. dykewriter says:

    Bonobos Speak! squeak speak, but nonetheless and allthesame


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